A.Milinkevich: Regions are willing to work, and there are no proposals

After meetings in Brest Alexander Milinkevich stated specifically for Radio Liberty:
"When they say that the movement" For Freedom "confiscate certain activists, I object to this:" Nobody do not have to take. "We need to load from Minsk people work. People want to work, and there are no proposals. That this problemsa.
A.Milinkevich: "We set an ambitious goal ahead of him"
"We currently put themselves ahead of an ambitious goal — to involve socially active people in coordinated work. This company awareness, pressure on the government, the protection of the repressed, most education programm. I have hope people indeed merge in certain activities, "- said Milinkevich.
In each region, who will visit Alexander Milinkevich, opposition supporters called the conditions on which they join the movement "For Freedom."
S.Govsha: "We are tired of inaction"
Says Baranovichi activist, member of BPF Sergei Housha "Always speak in front and human rights organizations, we are tired of inaction. And tired of the fact that if those involved in the actions of the opposition, but here it press down on the job. There is social vulnerability. At this point, though it has a sample — for example, Inna Cooley and her organization. Although there are one-time assistance. "
And also now been proven solution Brest members of opposition parties and movements in Ivatsevichy together join the movement "For Freedom."
S.Haladovich: "No one has done as much as Milinkevich"
"People have quite there with whom to work here. Milinkevich only hope. Nobody did as much Milinkevich. Especially for young people. None of them at the moment on the sidelines is not helpful. People continue to learn. A great achievement of Milinkevich "- with Ivatsevichy member said the movement" For Freedom "Stanislav Kholodovich.
Now Alexander Milinkevich completes trip to Brest region. Tomorrow he will visit areas of Minsk region.

Now Alexander Milinkevich met in Brest with applicants and students
Alexander Milinkevich began visits to regions, 22.06.2007 • Summer Initiative opposition, 05.06.2007 • Milinkevich wishes to register movement "For Freedom", 18.06.2007

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