A.Pashkevich: The writer must defend the right to be called people

Karatkevich: "For you will soon be 35 years old. How you joined thoughts for Belarus and Belarusian revival?"
Paszkiewicz: "Frankly — I never thought about it and I do not think that I somehow joined. Fact of his own birth, I was connected with the Central Belarus — with Slutsky area," nourished by the essence of Bose "was a Belarusian, trodden trail and trample in its Belarushchyny. "
"The first question must be a real writer," what I believe "
Karatkevich "Ales Pashkevich was a member of the program" What I believe "and in his own essay, said that he was" unfortunately, believe in yourself. "What is" believe in yourself "and why" unfortunately "?"
Paszkiewicz: "Unfortunately, there is only faith in yourself. Kupala I quoted textbook" in humans and only edge own faith and belief in yourself. "On this day remains a belief in" himself. "Please tell about the idea and extensive transmission of this question. Just this question — what I believe — must appear first every artist, every creator and writer at least. Usually it so happens that the creators of answering the question "what to do." And the first question, the real writer like me seen, it should be — "what I believe." And later already, from a start, thinking what to do, so as not to lose this faith so that faith and to instill in his readers, his countrymen. "
Karatkevich: "If in 1942 in Moscow buried Yanka Kupala, came to the funeral Russian composer Prakof» ate and said that if at the Yanka Kupala was only the line" I have dreams about Belarus ", he would have stayed stately Belarusian poet. Which line with Belarusian poetry, prose Belarusian, Belarusian myslyarstva you remain significant? "
Paszkiewicz: "This extensive, not only lines. It is one hundred percent autonomous texts -" Wreath "Bogdanovich, his" Slutsky weavers, "his" race, "many poems Kupala, many poems Kolasa. Kupalovskaya Well, with the memory comes tragikamedyya "Tuteyshyya."
Karatkevich: "Why, in your opinion, were the problems with the formulation in Kupalavskimm theater — the first was later canceled again later returned and was sold out?"
Paszkiewicz: "Oh, so just for this reason — because of the relevance, nadennastsi Kupalovskaya thoughts that are not joined to the ideology of modern Belarus. Starting from Kupala molvlennogo" Long live Belarus! "Currently spoofed motto" For Belarus "- it’s like a toast over a glass and Škvarka. "
Karatkevich "You during the presidential campaign supported Alexander Kozulin. Why?"
Paszkiewicz: "I wish to say that I not only supported, and support and I hope that in captivity at the moment Mr. Alyaksandr listens and this transfer."
Karatkevich: "I asked — why?"
Paszkiewicz, "Why? Of all the candidates for President of the Republic of Belarus, I knew him personally, was personally acquainted personally friends with him and felt that just has a moderate effort he needed."
"If Belarusians zyadnayutstsa through 100 years our descendants will live in another state"
Karatkevich: "With regard to this conversation we’re interviewed — whether the writer maintain political idea or policy …"

Karatkevich "Ales comment poll …"
Paszkiewicz: "The whole mosaic of thoughts sounded. Let for yourself to express their. Various countries attitude to politics different writers. Better if the writer is not interested in politics, if the policy runs parallel to his work. But Belarus is usually developed so that the creator — not only writer, and artist, and musician — cut off from the present, from social and political life can not be.
We follow the situation develops: if you do not tsikavissya politics, politics interested in you. In the end, both historically usually happens so that everything from the classics, from the XIX and early XX century, writers could not tear yourself away from the socio-political processes. Just two examples — first managing Belarusian People’s Republic Vaclav Lastouski as the first Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic Russian Belorussian Tishka tale. They, like the 10’s other representatives of the state of literature in the end and did Belarus, the government did, and without their chynnastsi-activity there would now Belarus, and us — the people of the Republic of Belarus. "
Karatkevich: "You have learned in the midst of the rest of the history of Belarusian literature 1920-30-ies. Say Goretskogo" Two Souls "emigration" Between Tides "… Belarusians can join in the idea of their own country?"
Paszkiewicz: "And their is no way out. Zyadnayutstsa If they do not, through 100 years our descendants will live in another world, in another Member State in other circumstances."
Karatkevich: "The attached?"
Paszkiewicz: "On this earth, but in other political, municipal relations. I think that if in this century, in these decades will not happen just this merger compound — the big question over Belarus."
"Creators and intellectuals, national elites have to work for the sake of generality"
Karatkevich: "We have already had read that you during the political campaign of presidential elections last year supported Alexander Kozulin. You yourself were that though what the creator has to be in opposition to at least some power. But how do you see the next — sync mental thoughts and ideas of the elite and the political opposition? "
Paszkiewicz: "They are destined to coexist. Teach each other. Unfortunately, on this day the situation is followed: If mental creative elite, state, stress, democratic — is really about» Joint, their disagreement does not appear, in the political sphere, unfortunately, soon noticed the reverse situation. Just creators and intellectuals, national elites on this day must be intense to work for — again I repeat that word — rallying the overall effort, effort. "
Karatkevich: "Alexander, how do you feel about the role of in the political processes in Belarus?"
Paszkiewicz: "Positively. Positively Only if these efforts are focused on development of Belarus as an independent …"
Karatkevich: "you have said" if ", but really the case?"
Paszkiewicz: "In the near future we can not say that there is a huge effort to resist the development of Belarusian independence. This is which can be notice of public speeches and public comments. But as practice shows, as history shows, our eastern neighbor wish naturally sees continuation own empire to the Bug. And this is just for centuries, and in this millennium — naynebyaspechneyshaya situation. "
Karatkevich "" Nasha Niva "is conducting a survey — or parazumeyutstsa Milinkevich and Pozniak. How do you think — what is the essence of this problem and they parazumeyutstsa?"
Paszkiewicz: "I do not think they are 100 per cent do not understand each other. Another thing — they parazumeyutstsa complete? For some reason it seems to me so private — no. But this is a completely different story. Understanding maybe I vicious seems to begin only from the moment when both will be on the areas of the Republic of Belarus and live cares to live in an atmosphere of contemporary realities. "
"If literature rewarded" Nobel ", it builds its town hall features"
Karatkevich: "Alexander, you are led by the Union of Belarusian Writers.
Journalists are confused in these statements … In general — whether the alliance need for writers?"
Pashkevych "not confused in the wording and in titles. Remind honorable audience that just our alliance, which was created in 1934, called the Alliance of Writers of Belarus. Later, with the changes of the legislation, we were not allowed to own the title name of the country, and at the general meeting of the Union of Writers had to change the charter of and be called "Alliance of Belarusian Writers." This is the first part of the question.
And second — Do Writers Alliance as an organization. And again the same in different countries — that I was a citizen of other countries, I would be found other answers. In the current reality in today’s Belarus alliance writers should be. In the end and in adjacent states and countries where I just was and I know there are some writers’ organizations. Different attitude towards them, but they do their purpose, their function. Yes, and representatives of other professions tend to» about unity, so that together, not only to defend their rights, and to develop tasks, their activities. "
Karatkevich: "And what right have to defend a writer?"
Paszkiewicz: "First — the right" to be called people "the right of freedom of creativity and the right to have responsibility together to defend their common efforts, their rights. Belarus, these puzzles in repeatedly extended. And in a country where the older writer’s organization not only prytsyasnyaetstsa but its various ministries and courts try to eliminate and kill — this is for you another answer to the question whether the alliance needed writers. If we try to eliminate the company invented reasons and hamper its operations, the legitimate aims and objectives — exactly the organization not only has the right to to exist, but it should be. "
Karatkevich: "The company can be eliminated, but the writer — is unlikely. Worth to try and endlessly — a couple of years — argue that the Belarusians are required to have a Nobel Prize in literature, why" must "?"
Paszkiewicz: "I would not read" shall ". They should …"
Karatkevich: "But it’s the same."
Paszkiewicz: "It was earlier — Well, the parallels are so far — the Magdeburg Law. City was entitled to their own autonomy, statehood, built City Hall. On this day it happened — both historically and really — follow if literature rewarded" Nobel "means it is, in fact, builds his town hall features and overlooks the global level. At the time when the Belarusian literature, when a representative of the Belarusian literature will be honored on this day, the highest, the most prominent and well-known international literary prize, will disappear not only money matters a lot, but first Belarusian literature svabadney breathe not only in their own homeland, and abroad. "
"I wish that were imbedded in the street Belarusian-language texts, and the streets sounded Belarusian language"
Karatkevich: "Alexander, your current and literary credo?"
Pashkevych "simple question … I would wish him a hundred percent answer in 40-50 years. Now — there kutsee word" Be ". Being with large bukovkoy."
Karatkevich: "What do you realized, but what had not yet? Or maybe had around?"
Paszkiewicz: "Unfortunately I could not be realized practically nothing. I just try do — realized not only as a writer, and as a father, as a husband, as a man — and so, all that a person may encounter in life functions and mission. "
Karatkevich: "I note that Ales Pashkevich is married and has a daughter and son Bogdan Ales. They are interested in literature?"
Paszkiewicz: "I wish that all they were interested to frolic interested son — he’s only interested in milk. Daughter Olesya study in Belarusian-class — just literature with their peers and seeks interested in reading not only what programm in school."
Karatkevich "Ales, before we arrange for an interview, I asked you to remember your last line …"
Paszkiewicz: "I mentioned them, but it is not poetic lines, this line of literary essays. After my trip to Stockholm to write an essay" The Word on the pavement. "Just wish I would not share lines and the idea expressed in this essay.
Belarusian literature over the second half of the twentieth century refrain sounded lines "of hay on the asphalt." Just villagers who went to the literature, settled in the town, lived in nostalgia, just here and there it seemed to them hay and rustic, and that this asphalt. They sought to connect the village and the city.
In Stockholm, one of the central streets of the asphalt road marking instead poured words of the classic Swedish literature Stryndberga. And I dreamed, I have longed to create one of the central streets of Minsk, and even a place chosen — is Karl Marx Street. I would like to see this street was the title of the 1st State of the classics of literature and on the street could be poured express our literary classics.
Maybe then there will be something to remember not only the elders of our literature and safer to breathe, and the current young — not only writers, artists, musicians, singers, and those people, that are placed in our capital and its proydutstsa streets in which not only will be embedded Belarusian-language texts, and on these streets whiteRussian language will sound and worthy of reverence. "

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