A. Severin: We need to forget about human rights in Belarus, while there remains in power operating mode

Minister of Foreign Affairs last Romania and past chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Adrian Severin, the UN special rapporteur did function in human rights in Belarus three years. He prepared this post three reports, which, in his opinion, indicate that there is noticeable and significant configurations in Belarus in the field of human rights, and authorities renounce continue to cooperate with the UN body.
"And these reports, my findings and tips in no way were recognized invalid", — Severin said the emperor.
Views on Severin, really bad in this solution is that it showed the small capacity of the Human Rights Council really contribute to solving this problems in certain countries, because many countries exhibited in Parliament, have their own human rights challenges.
"For these people, human rights are the subject of political trade between governments. They recognize only the sovereignty of states that allows authorities to press on with impunity own people. They do not recognize the sovereignty of individuals. They shall be removed to admit that between the political regime and human rights, there is smooth communication .. . dictators can not be asked to agree to the separation of powers, pluralism and freedom of expression. "
Severin admitted that it is "beautiful news" for the authoritarian regime of Alexander Lukashenko, and at the moment the victims of this regime will be even more vulnerable position.
"I never asked as rapporteur change regime in Belarus. I just people in the UN that they should forget about human rights in Belarus, while there remains in power the current regime."
According to Severin, the international community will continue to enforce Human Rights in Belarus, the release of political prisoners, to improve criterion in jail, creation abilities for the registration and operation of NGOs.
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