A.Yaroshuk: Mode eventually ran — got a date


"The losses from the abolition of preferences will be faster than the more"

Ales Loikaw, M.: "Why complain specifically-independent trade unions to pressure from the authorities so seriously affected the outlook of the Brussels bureaucrats?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "Back in 1971 the three most influential international trade union centers have turned to the European Commission proposal to introduce a kind of prize for trade with the EU countries, developing development. Now they call premium preferences pioneers and masters which are almost exactly the unions. Hence popular for isolation of the Belarusian situation you — colleagues simply defended our rights. "
Anna mariners, Lida Region "first union complaint from Belarus to the International Labour company was in 2000. Why so long European bureaucrats walked to their own decision on the termination of preferences?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "All it took three and a half years. Term faster better, because we were dealing with democratic institutions of free nations. This is not a totalitarian system, where accepted, slashed, and later realized — not done, came more than a thought. On West also take into account many reasons, negotiate with all stakeholders. Path to compromise in the end very long. Yet there was mutual understanding between the 3-stakeholders: the International Labour Organization, the international trade union movement and the European Union. "
Sp.Nikalyuk Bridges: "I think the whole story with a lot of policies and preferences, respectively, in vain. Initially mean economic calculations. From friends from beyond the control of economic institutions learned that in fact did not lose 300-400 million, and — a total of 30 or a maximum of 100 million. Is it a threat to Lukashenko? "
Alexander Yarashuk: "On this time No one is exactly sure knows how much in fact lose our country. Personally, I am inclined to think that it’s faster than the more. It’s definitely not 400 million euros, of which long had read earlier.
But in this case it should be understood that the main thing here — the adoption of the decision itself. Authorities did not would have behaved so nervous that she did not understand the creation of a precedent: the first time in recent years long run up mode and eventually ran — got change. Incidentally, the above figure is not betrothed to put an end to the Belarusian economy. I stress again: here is very important specifically political nuance. It will affect the very style of the country. "

"No party is not required to have a monopoly of control over the independent trade union movement"

Nicholas Bowls, Polotsk: "Should trade unions in the current political situation to engage in politics? If" yes ", through which mechanism: after party, its special structure, through any person? And which party we should listen?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "All of the options you can be considered correct, because in reality the Belarusian totalitarian system-independent existence of something — it already has a policy. And if someone — for example, the same unions — Tipo remain outside politics, it is nonsense. Yes, we have acted and will act in the framework of its statutes, but the government still continues to evaluate those activities political.
How can we influence the real political processes? In this case, as it turns out and do it. But keep in mind that we — not a political organization. Here is what fundamentally fundamentally. If you engage in an international company of Free Trade Unions, the received many tips. One of them is this: BKDP should be independent of government, by employers and by political parties. In other words, we all cooperate, but no one is obliged to have the exclusive right to control the independent trade union movement.
In time our social democracy grew out of the trade union movement. Not the case and now her ideas closer to us. But in the ranks of Confederation friends almost all modern Belarusian parties. That, in my opinion, is completely normal, it’s a plus for us faster than a minus. After all, the unions — a cut of the whole society. We are keen that our people possible longer engage in different political parties: the higher their political activity, much less busy and they socially. Those cells stronger union. "
Balls: "I often hear the view that the creation of new unions in most cases, even small giant enterprises, usually turns harm. People say, substituted, and is not able to protect. Here fired people … From — to discredit the idea."
Alexander Yarashuk: "We need to do to create a sample-independent trade union organizations at all enterprises. Another thing it must with all this into account certain incidents in groups, so did not really play with the destiny of the people. "

"On the borders of the EU country with a rebuilt medieval serfdom in modern coloring"

Sp.Suharevski: "What measures are planned to get rid of the yoke of the contract?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "Our case — the second in the 36-year history of deprivation preferences. 1st belongs to Burma, and it is dated 1999. Junta there for people chained to machines chains. Our more civilized mode: did the same circuit, but cardboard in the form of contracts. Though prykavanasts special man can not even without the help of others to quit work. Lately try to use the powerful legal potential — and not just their own — to be held in the harsh regions of the company and explain to people what was happening and as. important task — to mobilize protest against the continuous mood kontraktizatsii country.
With regard to foreign policy factor, the founding congress of the regional council of trade unions Useevrapeyskaga I said at the EU borders rebuilt country with medieval serfdom in modern coloring. Then we agreed that the first company panevrapeyskaga union movement will be pressure on the Belarusian authorities to revise their approved contract model. "
Lady: "Deprivation of Belarusian trade preferences — is a manifestation of international prafsalidarnastsi?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "The Power of the trade union movement is calculated force potential of the feeble his managers — in other words we, BKDP. Enthusiasm in helping colleagues fully understood: if you do not take out the one who got to fail, tomorrow he can be in his place, and then where to find salvation? Because we felt very strong support. And now our people have become more confident — a victory regardless of the scale is the victory … How to imply that we had one chance can weave and he realized we were able to defend themselves, to defend their rights, it adds all the more energy, the faith, the belief in yourself. "
Paul Screws Navapolack: "What response can take the official Minsk against the European Union?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "What can be done with an elephant pug? Vertical will likely remain silent — very topic not to her liking, so there is something to talk about … If you are an adventurer, for you may from time to time, even a very long time to caress, but soon everything falls into place — you can not endlessly bluff. "
Tatiana Seviarynets, Vitebsk: "When I was dismissed from school, a union official assured his full zbankrutavanasts. How do you rate" kozikavskiya "community?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "It does not happen that July 15, 2002 Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus has been an independent organization and the 16th, when elected Kozik, everything suddenly became another property. Inside the there are many completely ordinary people, the failure of which may be that due to a confluence of events, they were not able to do to us the right choice.’s why these people must not reproach, and regarded as the potential recovery in the country-independent, effective trade unions. "

"FPB — just an appendage of the command-administrative system, rebuilt in Belarus"

Sp.Leanid, Minsk: "Previously, we had a tour of the trade unions, discount gifts for the kids … And you what? Nothing to help the working man Just for the rights of workers to fight, it is very abstract. Practice you just drive in its own activities wedge in the trade union movement of the country! "
Alexander Yarashuk: "Talking about the existence in us such motion is not necessary. After FPB — just an appendage command-administrative system, built up in Belarus. As for BKDP, then we strongly enough — only eight and a half thousand people. As for the meaning of the existence of trade unions in general, then at 1-x, they are NOT on … "
Sp.Leanid: "I catch the word: as the Soviet Union collapsed, then soon we are voluntarily wrote applications to join the union!"
Alexander Yarashuk: "And then realize that it — not just the union leaders, who sits above you, do you? Feels that working-class solidarity is needed first in order to have a decent wage and protect their rights, including health and safety? Completely different — our independent miners’ union in Soligorsk where four and a half thousand members. But with the advent of the community or its Mozyr refineries and appeared for the first time in Belarus concept "to join a union."
That mean? Soligorskiy NPG in 1992 spent 44-day strike. To him their wages were in eighth place in the country, and from that time — most highest: now average 600 bucks here and there, and even at the bottom of a half thousand. Same is the refiners Mozyr. Here is the answer to the question: what do we need gifts from the trade unions, free passes to bad holiday home, the usual wage. "
Sp.Leanid: "As for preferences: not our cones suffer from them, and everyday people. So it is not necessary for you to set aside their ambitions?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "A common mistake. Povinet I did not in fact what happened. Presidential administration and the government — that’s who to appeal. Suppose spun back, and everything will work out."

"This regime is not capable of samarefarmatsyi — it can only affect the real power"

Sovereign Loew: "Read, Tipo because preferences were released Statkevich with Sevyarynets, made a couple of small steps in the direction of liberalization Tipo. But do you believe personally, sire Yarashuk. In what he is capable of samarefarmavannya?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "I do not like a gullible person. So that I began to think that such a rigid totalitarian regime can only zatsuglyats using task preferences, lied to. Representatives administration read right: I do not believe that you will make tips card. Indeed, in a degree that means reforming the political system prevailing in the country. And you neither suicide nor reformers … you can force do something Only severe influential force. So here’s my point of view, now the country has harsh shifts, resulting vertikalschika required to do at least some steps to liberalize. And every so even the smallest step towards the democratization of the political system — from the release of political prisoners to restore the field-independent trade union rights — potentially exposed to changes in the country. "
Sp.Alyaksandar, Lida, "drawing parallels between the concerns and BKDP zabugornyh fellow trade unionist."
Alexander Yarashuk: "Their problems no less than we do. Just another temper — it prepyadstviya development. And they require a completely different tool. And it may seem to you finomenom, but now it is easier than Europeans. Indeed, in Belarus control strategy narrows to mere survival. "
Alexander: "What are the main trends observed at the moment in the Belarusian independent trade union movement?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "Again phenomenon: on the one hand does not stop the pressure on local communities, and on the other an increase in their ranks. This means that we are capable main task: save-independent communities as healthy cells of the future of the trade union movement. "
Alexander: "And then what threatens official FPB?"
Alexander Yarashuk ‘Federation has been sentenced stories. It is only time. If in Geneva they boast as if joined 99 percent of workers — in the hall smyashok: everyone knows that it costs a totalitarian system of government. Where trade unions — organizations serving only narrow special interests of workers. Until such time as we in fact will not be rejected by usual Russian idea of simple functions of trade unions to the time of the FPB is neither the authority nor the low utility. "
Valery Bira, Luniniec: "Prompt, sire Yarashuk how you can contact real unions?"
Alexander Yarashuk: "Than
k you, write us by phone at 214 89 05 or 06 249 31 70 The address ninth Minsk, 220095, street Yakubov, 80-80, study 2."

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