Affects whether Congress of Democratic Forces for the situation in the Belarusian opposition?

Man: "I think, will not change. "
Man: "I hope that will contribute to the unification, but I doubt. Everyone has their own ambitions, your own eyes and your own garden."
Young Man: "If they will take the right decision, then katigorichnye configuration Belarusian opposition likely. We need to unite with Europe and so democratic forces managed only a favorite. "
Man: "Well, when they gather, can, and went out and brought the total solution. To do this, it seems, are going."
Young Man: "Certainly not. None of them any particular utility."
Man: "Maybe acts, who knows. But to me that the opposition, that’s not the opposition — all this struggle for power."
Reporter: "Affects whether hosting the Congress on the situation in Belarusian opposition?"
Lady: "I think not, because we have weak opposition. Not manifests itself in the political arena. ‘Cause the next 5 years it no effect on the opposition. "
Lady "I think, unlikely. To fight the power, you need to merge, need a strong favorite in the opposition. And it is not. "
Man: "I do not get anything. Just do not give."
Man: "I think not. Opposition has long exhausted itself in the form in which it exists. Necessary to work with people, to adopt experience of the Bolsheviks. As Lenin and others have labored, and not to make all sorts of congresses and ride on the bow to the West. Lude does not like it. necessary perakonvats.A people somehow so it’s all empty. "

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