Alcohol dissipate 12 times more than vegetables

"Narodnaya Volya"." Echelons of power. "Not so long ago Alexander Lukashenko appropriated chairman of the Belarusian sports society "Dynamo" Yuri Borodicha rank of major general. In official circles forhad read about, that Borodicha Lately waiting for another purpose: they say, in such positions do not receive the rank of general. Borodicha can translate or to the Security Council, or to appoint the chairman of the Customs Committee.
"Narodnaya Volya" recalls that Yuri Boroditš in April 1995 ruled beating deputies who conducted a hunger strike in the hall Supreme Council.
Slutsky "Info-chickens» er". "Criminal cases — for misreporting." Solely Luban area based on the National Audit Office audits instituted four criminal casesa. In the national income and the money returned to real property for the sum of seven and a half billion. It is established that the last manager SEC "Zabolotski" for 2 years provide false reports. Namely, the amount of milk nadoenaga was overstated by 400 tons.
Molodechno "regional newspaper". Article "Parybachyli 20 million each."
"Two Zaslaul occupant must pay to the national income by 2 million 170 thousand rubles fine for illegal trout fishing in the river Vdranka — says journalist Sergei Zenko. — Apart from this, poachers have to make up for the state caused damage in the amount of 35 million 300 thousand rubles. They caught 113 fish-trout, weighing about 7 kg. The exciting thing about that fine, maybe a little — 2 million 170 thousand, but the amount of compensation for harm is very large 7 kg of fish. "
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus ":" On alcohol minchane expend 12 times more than vegetables. "More than half of the budget Belarusians as before, so to speak, "Eat up". But they eat properly: 5th part of these funds went to alcohol. More than beer and vodka, had spent only on meat, poultry and sausage together combined. But tobacco metropolitan inhabitants squander already 2% of all funds, and sports 10 times less than for vegetables.

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