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But Suvorov job is still there. On the outskirts Kobrin laid Orthodox Church, which with varying success try to paste the name. And only thanks to public resistance Kobrin power not so long ago had to admit: the title unfairly awarded orthodox "foundation" interested individual figures Kobrin. In fact it is the Church of the Holy Nativity of Christ — Memorial Church 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus. "
• Kobrin: campaign against the construction of a temple in honor of Suvorov, 26.02.2007
In 1795, one of the oldest parks Belarusian "Kobrin key" by order of Russian Empress Catherine II was "pazhalavany" Alexander Suvorov. In including — and fierce suppression of the uprising in 1794 under the control of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, which cost the lives of thousands of local residents. Specifically for the successful "cleansing" of the Belarusian territory from the rebels feldmarshala Suvorov was promoted, and the load — 13,000 serfs Kobrin district and 4 acres enclosed by a rampart and ditch park area, which is located inside the garden and a small lake, on the shore of which stood the house of Suvorov.
Throughout the next imperial history feats Suvorov repeatedly risen and episodes of destruction of the indigenous population were wiped out of memory "as unnecessary." Despite the fact that at the moment real picture made Suvorov in Belarus acquired publicity efforts status Russian leader of the official ideology remains unshaken. Kobrin — first.

On the facades of buildings — only the names of Russian leaders
Accompanied by a local businessman ZHoru Dmitruk I did a little sightseeing trip around town. Suvorov spirit permeated virtually all: Field Marshal’s monument in full growth — they say, only in their own way. His busts at the entrance to the house-museum of Suvorov and in the park, where once stood a homestead leader. Even indicated that prolonged mud pond in 1800 bathed stately captain (probably 200 years ago there was water cleaner).

In this pond commander perceived "bath"
In the end, before the eyes ceases built not so long ago stylish hotel "Suvorov" in the Swiss style. Kobrin — twin Swiss Glarus. Thought cooperation was born precisely on the background to preserve the memory of Suvorov in museums cities. Shveytsartsy invested in the construction of the hotel, and the restaurant at the hotel, as he said Jora Dzmitruk, can treat yourself to a rare dish — "chop in Suvorov":
"So, the menu includes cutlet" Chops in Suvorov. "You can order it and eat with relish. Nowhere else in the town of Kobrin exclusively. And not cheap, about 6 thousand rubles. For small funds can taste completely unique dish — chops "in Suvorov", a gift from shveytsartsav kobryntsam. "

The only hotel in Belarus "Suvorov"
A few years ago was born the initiative to build a temple in honor of Suvorov. And if the idea appeared in Russian times, said my companion, in its implementation would not have to fluctuate:
"This initiative is a splash. All started first century, in 2002-2003. But the idea, I believe, does not have any historical grounds and generally unnatural for Kobrin. Because until now the place is worth only the foundation. This only occasionally resembles construction. And even more like a Russian unfinished. People initiative is not here, there is an initiative of individuals. And she totally has no national studies, because we have what we have. Tipo and now the church is built, but the highest priests are obliged to justify: say, the error came out, is not a church named after Suvorov, it will be named differently. "

Foundations of the temple, which was to become "Suvorov"
In the end of the tour ask the emperor Dmitruk: resuscitation attempt not so much as the upcoming worship Suvorov wide Kobrin has Orthodox color or a knot in the overall context of the pro-Russian?
"Surprisingly, though Suvorov himself and has not been canonized Russian Orthodox Church, yet here it has a dual nature: on the one hand, the promotion of Orthodoxy, on the other — the propaganda, I would have said, not even the Russian culture and Russian subculture in Belarus. Other words, once such an idea in fact blessed the Russian Orthodox Church, and presently sought powers to this construction to move from their seats. But, as in the fable, the WHO and is now there. Apart from a few 10’s zmantazhavanyh foundation blocks and noise around history itself, nothing else we have. "

In Suvorov Museum — organized groups
Despite the fact that the authorities are trying to officially Kobrin adhrystsitstsa from Suvorov temple in the town to this day strolling lottery tickets issued by the entity "Brest lottery" to order Kobrin district executive committee. Directly on the ticket is written: "The Temple is designed by the Suvorov memorial church approved king-martyr Nicholas II".

The park Suvorov "stamp" Pioneers

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