And have, maybe for you to donate blood themselves together with their offspring, with bureaucrats, deputies ..

Man: "Alexander G., where we take the means to take blood? You have removed privileges of the people, in order for you have more funds. Now donors leave. And have, maybe for you to donate blood themselves together with their offspring, bureaucrats, deputies. donors Then we will not be necessary, since you have so many people drank the blood of that you will be enough to cure all. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty. Good evening! Hunt to express my gratitude to the U.S. president Bush emperor and his government that for the first time put the monument to the victims of communism, Stalinism. I am very pleased with your work on the establishment of the monument. Time for us, comrades lukashisty establish a monument to the Thai countryside of Belarus, where the Bolsheviks shot for the best people, not guilty of anything.
First monument to an urgent need to put in Kurapaty and publish books. Bolsheviks in Belarus destroyed more than 1 million patriots Belarus. "Stalin Line" should be renamed the "Line Constantine Kalinowski." Comrade Lukashenko let the team to Belarus cleared from the Bolsheviks. We have hundreds-thousands of people worthy that their names were called streets, farms and so on. However, the collective farms Lately will not. Be personal property. Long live Belarus! "
Lady: "In regard to the abolition of preferences Andrei Popov puts pressure on the European Union, that oh doing poorly ordinary people of Belarus. In essence, this problem premiere Sidorsky. And if Sidorsky disturbs ordinary working people of Belarus, it should enter into conflict with Lukashenko, in other words good Lukashenko knows possible avoid cancellation of preferences. Let Andrei Popov says the reason for the cancellation of preferences on BT, in print, so that ordinary workers knew. And do not refer to people. Lukashenko can eliminate one stroke this dilemma . "
Constant Listener "fifth paragraph why the opposition is not gaining confidence. Prop have them on whom? They expose kids, but it does not support the financial, not social, not political. Should be adult support. This is a working, creative intelligentsia and intellectuals techno , collective farmers.’s such be first reliance. "

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