And where on the set now satisfied, gas cookers and steel stallions? ..

"Star" in 1937 prints, the report of the Secretary of the CC CP (b) B V.Sharangovicha at the Sixteenth Party Congress: "Golodeda very bad work, he did not want to rebuild the work of the CPC to the demands of the latest games and the Stalin Constitution. He is right. He double-deal to the party and to the nearest time double-deal. " At the bottom, a newspaper strip — kutsee message: "Yesterday, at 7:00 pm, the body was buried CEC Chairman A.G.Charvyakova BSSR, who committed suicide on the personal home soil."
"The Banner of Youth", year 1957. Responding to the appeal of the Komsomol, the newspaper reported: "Resounding and current life is lived for the moment Komsomol organizations Minsk. Ceaselessly call phones at workers of district, receiving door locked do not have time for countless visitors … The workers, employees and students are requested to send the application them to the new lands … For a day or two Komsomol organizations of the town received more than three thousand applications. Among them, more than 500 students from BSU … "
"Name" on this week 1997 he writes about the ban photo exhibition "Polessye who does not know" the Polish ethnographer Jozef Obrembskogo Suvorov Museum in Kobrin: "Director Nina Myatodavna Plis saw in direct exposure ideological loss of country style. Immediately born a letter with reference to any workers who did not understand : like this for 60 years, nothing has changed? And where is now satisfied on the set, gas cookers and steel stallions? .. Where industrial landscapes, heroes of labor and a conference call? exhibition Kobrin turned on June 1. "

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