Andrei Klimov returned to the detention facility

Mom policy Alla Klimova son received from another letter. Klimov wrote that he was transferred from the clinic again in remand. Alla Petrovna read a letter sent to the offspring:
"Dear matulechka. Complete my" vacation "in the Republican clinic. Again I in the bullpen. Continue the course of healing in a hospital inpatient. Terms satisfactory, without specific smokers. Saves himself. Kiss. Andrew. 10:06:07".
Doctor of republican prison clinic, which goes to the guests to tell patients about the health of prisoners, said Andrei Klimov was discharged back in the past Thursday, June 7. The clinic diagnosed Klimov — angina.
"I explained to all Klimov himself, his wife, and the wife all wrote for my mother, who is hard of hearing. Partially, all the same, and that nine years ago. Angina. It’s such acquired heart disease ", — told the doctor.
Relatives Klimov saw afterdny times met with this very healer last Wednesday, June 6. Came out one day after Andrei Klimov was discharged, but the doctor had not warned about this.
Now the prison physician explained to relatives: state that the prisoner will be discharged tomorrow, it does not have the right to. Such order. Medications that last time she took from relatives for Klimov, reached him, assured the doctor.
Let me remind you, Andrei Klimov was in the prison clinic during the second half of May. He lamented the lack of heart attacks and air. In the chamber, where the politician at that time held over six weeks, all the inmates smoked.
Soon Joint plainclothes Party, which member is Andrei Klimov, made a demand to release urgently Klimov, in order to save his life.
What healing gets Andrei Klimov now, when it returned to remand, unclear.

Former deputy Andrei Klimov was arrested May 3 on charges of distributing via the web called to overthrow the current government. Klimov guilty himself does not recognize and refuses to participate in the investigation. Policy threatens to 3 years imprisonment. Klimov twice previously served a sentence — imprisonment and restriction of freedom.

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