Animaevka show on two cartoon in Belarusian

It will show two cartoon in Belarusian "How Nestserka pots sold" and "Tale of Bygone Years". In the past year, the festival of Belarusian movies did not exist. Viewers are invited to the festival, still, in Russian. Total for 2-day festival audience will see 100 toons production of 13 countries in the world.
Cartoons "How Nestserka pots sold" and "The Tale of Bygone Years" in This year Mogilev already beheld. Says the employee association "Magilevkinavideeprakat":
"As time we got them at the end of the school year. And in May we made such organized screenings of days to crest and flag and slightly worried that they are in the Belarusian language. But very excellent junior school looked like and teachers, and children. At cheers passed and now, too. "
Cartoon "Tale of Bygone Years" knows about the origin of the coats of arms of Belarusian cities. Directed by Natalia Hatskevich, Ira Kodyukova yes Alexander Lenkin have already done three parts to this movie. Three parts of multseryyalu popular folklore character Nestserka did and director Igor Volchek.
Total at the festival "Animaevka-2008" viewers will see a day or two 100 toons production of 13 countries in the world: Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, China, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Belarusian-tape rarely come to this festival. Last year there was not one.
Organizers then explained that the studio "BelarusFilm" does not give them of Belarusian products. The studio is to blame the organizers of the festival, who do not book these movies. Also justified that the main market for their products — Our homeland because cartoons have to do in the main in Russian.
In 2006, "Animaevka" was presented one Belarusian-tape — "As I have served Pan" directed Vladimir Pitkevich. She noted the special prize "For the preservation of traditions."
Director Igor Volchek held notion that cartoons in Belarusian removed is not enough because it is justified by the market:
"If the movie in the Belarusian language, the market for it — only Belarus. Suzdal, for instance, there was a festival, they really liked and the" Tale of Bygone Years ", and" Nestserka ", but they did not realized, because it was all in the Belarusian language. "
Why Belarusian-language cartoons rare guests on Belarusian television and in cinemas, I asked the press service of the studio "BelarusFilm":
"We typically do with the Belarusian TV. Do not want and do not take what is called, unformat. Why animated films not in a format that no one can say. Surely channel profitably buy a cheap zabugorny a cartoon, for example, the Japanese anime, than their own state project that makes a group of directors — really patriots "- said spokeswoman Lena Melnikova studio.
According to Melnikova, studio shoots a lot of cartoons, but almost always they are shown only at festivals.
Now, says the spokesman, "Belarusfilm" there Belarusian recorded cartoons on DVD and going to show them in the Minsk metro.
Advertising festival is usually Russian. If you have previously explained that the presence of the guests at the festival, but this year there will be a little — only three: Belarusian director Yuri Plants, Ukrainian actor Alexei Kolesnikov a Russian actress Natalya Varley. Classical competitive applets at the festival this year will not be.

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