Anorexia suffers any second woman of weave in age from 12-24 years

European doctors warn that anorexia will spread tragic pace, if not there will be adequate to prevent it applets. The disease does not occur in the midst of the poor and the representatives of the dark race.
"On the subcutaneous tissue are not talking, and there is even no muscle"
Now in the 10th department of the Republican psychiatric hospital are 7 women. They are the ones who doctors had hospitalized in order to save their lives. No single premise that causes anorexia. Doctors refer to three factors: biological (genetic predisposition), mental (the impact of family and internal conflicts) and social (impact of the environment: measures of imitation).
In advanced countries, suffers from anorexia every second woman of weave in age from 12 to 24 years. Maid panicky fear of gaining weight. They can completely abandon the food. Even if they weigh 43 pounds, it is not feel happy because they all the same it seems that they fatso. These are usually people with very low self-esteem. Anorexia leads to loneliness. In patients with horror and fear of the people work.
Head of department Svetlana fleetingly revealed that cure these patients is very difficult, because they shall be removed from care:
"The smallness such cases, but it happens that of the subcutaneous tissue are not talking, and there is even no muscle. Die not only from what destroyed the muscles on the bones — bitsuhi, triceps, etc., but also cardiac muscle with all this suffering, and plus the same brain functions. Violated menstrualny cycle for years. Ovarian atrophy. They can not give birth to a baby. Yes! In peacetime, when the so-hunt to be lovely. "
Usually the girls get to the clinic due to the efforts of parents who have exhausted all means of combating the disease.
"Once a week, she loses one kilogram"
Natalia Deshchytsa start to peel the alarm when her daughter Vera was in the 11th grade. Vera initially refused meat and ate only vegetables, but later became restricted glass of water. With all this woman preparing to enter the university. Currently Vera already 3rd year, and my mother is no rest because of temporary illness vorachivaetsya.
"There was a thought to control her weight, and it turned out — shtodtydnya she loses one kilogram — says Natalia Deshchytsa. — I remembered some transmission, found on the web and realized that there is a speech about anorexia. I found that the only cure illness and psychiatry that Faith put on record. Vera refused second time to visit the doctor. All lasts. What to do? I know several moms which they say about the same dilemmas. Maid wish to be similar to their own idols. I think you need to change the stereotypes. "
Natalia finds that parents no psychiatric care. This is despite the fact that they are constantly under stress because their daughter threatens byazdetnasts, languorous illness and even death.
EU governments have felt the danger of the "prestigious" disease and began to beat her. In Spain, forbade selling in stores for adults odezhku size 42, giving realize that such size are just kids. In Lithuania appeared in prominent places posters calling to fight anorexia. In some countries, on the podium forbade leaving very skinny models. Purpose — to damage the stereotype of "The success is based on weight."

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