Artrofoon syndrome and treatment of back pain

In an interview with the company's "Materia Medica Holding", rheumatologist, PhD, Senior Research Fellow Department of Rheumatic Diseases Research Laboratory Department of Therapy named after AI Nesterov Natalia Pravdyuk reported that chronic diseases of the joints are trying to treat ultra-low doses of active ingredient TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor-α).


A little problem

Every year, back pain syndrome detected in a substantial proportion of the adult population of the Russian Federation, but medical attention is drawn less than half of the number of cases. This can be called a social problem: back pain causes a temporary loss of ability to work a large part of the working population. Percentage of disease increases — has been a recent trend of increasing prevalence of diseases back among children and adolescents.

Pain in the lower back — not just unpleasant pain syndrome, able to deprive a person of the ability to move and work, but also a serious social problem, cripple a large part of the population.

The disease tends to become chronic, acquiring the form of persistent pain or recurrent seizures. The treatment has its own characteristics: drugs must be taken or too often, or long courses, which often causes complications. For this reason, the course must be discontinued.

The scientists had a difficult task — to develop a tool that is suitable for long-term treatment with no side effects, and they seem to deal with it.


From inflammation to hernia

The reasons for the occurrence of the syndrome of back pain are numerous: Congenital malformations of the musculoskeletal system, the static load on the spine, microtrauma (including in sports), long stay in an uncomfortable position — working at a computer, driving. Listed causes may lead to injury and spinal ligaments microcirculation disturbance that leads to the top of the disease.

To identify the cause of the syndrome should be examined by a doctor, and to exclude other disease etiology (origin). Back pain may be in inflammatory kidney diseases and other diseases of the genitourinary system, malignancies, osteoporosis (more common in women older than 60 years), as the effects of bruises and injuries. The definitive diagnosis can put a doctor on the basis of these studies.

The impetus for the development of the syndrome, back pain is a violation of the biomechanics of the spine that occurs on a background of a congenital or acquired pathology of the spine. As a result, the spine is inadequate load, which leads to degenerative changes in fibrotic tissue rings — cartilaginous structure connecting vertebrae. In the fibrous tissue becomes inflamed rings. Unlike inflammation caused by infection, for example, throat, tissues spine inflammation develops without infection. As a result of impaired blood circulation and function of the intervertebral nerves arise and pain. It should be noted that much less back pain associated with herniated intervertebral disc and the denial of the nerve. It turns out that such hernias of different sizes can be asymptomatic in 70% of people.


Fundamentals of treatment

The basis of treatment for back pain pharmacotherapy is combined with physical therapy (to strengthen the muscular spine) and physiotherapy methods (electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, heat treatments). Under certain conditions and failure of conservative therapy may be indicated surgery.

According to the MD, associate professor of neurological diseases FPPOV Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov Alexey Danilov in treatment back pain syndrome "is important waiver from strict immobilization (stiffness) of the patients and the transition to a rapid activation by physical therapy. In this case, the most important condition is the relief (removal) of pain, from the first day of the acute period. "

With this in tune with the opinion of the doctor of medical sciences, head of the Department of reflexology Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Olga Morozova.

"The treatment of back pain is the effective treatment of pain and the early activation of the patient, which promotes regression (regression) symptoms and reduce the risk of transition to chronic pain. With the apparent benefits of exercise therapy, a reference to the increase in physical activity is an expression of pain ", — says Olga Morozova of inflammatory back pain and degenerative etiology.

In pharmacotherapy back pain syndrome is usually administered analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They effectively relieve pain cider and reduce the severity of the inflammatory process. But the long and frequent use of these drugs can lead to side effects — irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, which manifests stomachalgia — abdominal pain.

For this reason, is constantly searching for new pharmacological agents. Scientists have shown that the treatment of back pain syndrome effectively helps preparation containing ultralow doses of active substance to inflammatory mediators, including tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α). This material is produced as a reaction in response to tissue damage (inflammation). Drugs that inhibit TNF-α, inhibit the progression of inflammation and, consequently, the back pain.

On the principle of stimulating the production of antibodies to TNF-a and running domestic product "Artrofoon" (registration certificate № P N000373/01 from 291009). The drug can be used for the treatment of back pain syndrome, and for the prevention of exacerbations. It should be noted that single-agent "Artrofoonom" is possible only in remission. During acute drug is given only in combination with NSAIDs. Plus "Artrofoona" ayavlyaetsya that it does not irritate the digestive tract and for this reason, the patient can use it for a long time and without the risk of gastralgia. The duration of admission can be increased up to 6 months.

Any joint diseases (including syndrome back pain) — a serious problem that should be addressed to the doctor. Joints can ache for various reasons, and to pick up a quality therapy, one must first know the cause of a disease. Make it can only be a specialist. Therefore, any self-medication is dangerous — there is a risk of serious illness to run without stopping it in time properly chosen treatment.


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