As the colony tried to bridle human rights activist Catherine Sadouskaya?

On this week just three of Belarusian political prisoners were released. This policy and Paul Seviarynets Statkevich and human rights activist Catherine Sadovskaya.
"Will work for us to say that makes Sadovskaya …"
Catherine took Sadouskaya houses of Homel women colony offspring. Husband recently went to the clinic, and so their meeting was postponed for a day.
Catherine on the phone told a lot about life in the colonies. But particularly struck by the fact that she and there, behind bars, continued to help people as a human rights activist. It says that it is natural, deserved special attitude of the administration, and respect of other prisoners. That’s one of the episodes of prison life Catherine Sadouskaya:
"The girls all laughed, read:" Petrovna, they fear you as fire. One operations officer came and took the lady says that you work for us, to say making Sadovskaya. And she told him, "Nothing for you, I will not read, but she’ll tell all about it." Came and told exactly. "
Catherine Sadovskaya departed in custody for more than 10 months. Paul Seviarynets — more than two years of "chemistry." Statkevich left for "chemistry" almost two years. Opposition in Belarus believes that the government released these people under pressure from the public and the world’s democracies.
Finkievich reached the order to him not confiscated newspapers
At the end of the activists "Young Front" in Shklou colony remains Dashkevich, and "chemistry" in Mogilev — Artur Finkevich. When I called Arthur, he opened the freshest room "Nasha Niva" with portraits of friends excepted.
"Now I see a photo Sevyarinets Milinkevich on the front page" Nasha Niva ". Later photo of my commandant. After an article about the" Young Front ", Fedoruk photo. White-red-white flags. Haretski with Naviazky" Young Front ". Palazhanka in shirt "Young Front". Korban on the background stretching. Briefly, the number of us. "
Arthur said he had previously viewed his post and he could not get a newspaper room. But I started to complain and reached the order to censor it braked.
Playing football does not allow health Kozulin
With Alexander Kozulin colony met his lawyer. According to relatives of political prisoner, information about his health, which drove lawyer not much than differs from the earlier acquired during a meeting last week. Kozulin still weak in football, he in fact does not play, as the administration. Quote from the last letter to relatives Kozulin states on its assessment of certain efforts of the prison administration "Vitsba-3":

Kozulin: "I myself did not expect that almost find myself without muscle and now we need to start all over again … And here are trying to show how I’m fine."

"I myself did not expect that almost find myself without muscle and now we need to start all over again.’s What I try to do. And here with great pleasure in hunting and try to show how I’m fine. Obviously, appearance and impact" .
By daughter Julia Kazulina policy administration restricts her father in receiving diets.

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