Astravechchyna: Village Varniany machine-stop strike

Machine operators angered ways reign of Vladislav Hand. They also believe that they significantly understate wages.
Young guy tractor indicates the estimated ticket on which number: 128 thousand calculated after payments prior to issuance — 45 thousand rubles. In high wages huge — 200-300 thousand.
The farmers complain that for such funds have to work twelve to fourteen hours, and there is no compensation at least free time to work on his garden.

And all resent the attitude control economy Vladislav Hand to his subordinates:
Basil: "Read our cattle. Dismisses … For example, you need to go to the chemical work. Well, you must also pass a medical board — can I go? Does health? Says: you will go and everything. According to the regulations need to choose control management board. The Board is elected by the people. And we are invited to a meeting one those who do not can tell . "
Reporter: "There will come another control, you wage will rise or not?"
Roman: "He can, even to the person will be be treated humanely. "
Several mechanics have already dismissed. The remaining sovereign hand came with the discussions.
Victor: "Now come the morning, drove to work hazards."
Andrew: "The chief commanded. Not going to work — dismiss your parents."
Sergei: "If a family works together when kicked spouse, a week spouse him go."
Special outraged strikers working conditions give the farm.
Sergei: "Eighteen tons per day to pull a wheelbarrow. And how many have been a miscarriage!"
Many complain that taking loans can not pay through the small compared with the adjacent farms salary:
Andrew: "I have a child, a young family, I could not feed.’s Wife says, does not know how to live. That’s not my nurse, who helped, I would not have lived."

I called Vladislav Hand requested to comment on the claims of machine, but the chairman of the SEC "Varniany" hung up. Oh, so the situation commented vice-chairman Furs economy:
Furs: "We have the highest wages in the area. And if we still create a huge, that utter neighbors — the same workers. "
Reporter: "What will happen to these people?"
Furs: "I do not know. Board will decide the SEC "Varniany."
• Grodno region: about forty mechanics refused to go to work, 17.05.2007

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