At Mogilev citadel built Orthodox church

Doctor of historical sciences, teacher Mogilev municipal institute named Igor Kuleshov Marzaliuk referred to unauthorized construction of deliberate liquidation of state monument archeology. He is going to apply to the tribunal for acts orthodox parish of the royal martyrs and saints of the XX century, which is building a temple.
Resumption of work on the system "Tomb lion" as still refer Mogilev zamchischa started one week before the official celebrations to the 740 anniversary of Mogilev. In the opening day, May 28, will start an international conference "Mogilev: past and present." It will be dedicated to 430 anniversary of the giving of Mogilev Magdeburg law.
Build the temple began in 2002, but soon stopped working. With addition time construction site remained fenced.
Now the builders deepened by two meters under the foundation pit, and the cultural layer was taken to the landfill. In addition are brought to the construction site communication trenches for the duration that achieves 200 meters.
Attempt public activists headed by Igor Marzaliuk suspend construction caused outrage by members of the Orthodox parish of Saints royal martyrs and saints of the XX century. Public activists Journalists and insulted, threatened repossession by the KGB.
According to the official disk imaging, in Mogilev citadel built Orthodox church monument sufferers and warriors who died for their country in the XX century.
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