At the end of the Congress accomplished press conference co-chairs of the Political Council

While it is unclear which of the four co-chairs will be responsible for which kirunkak — is unclear, in this issue, as said at a press conference after the Congress sovereign Kalyakin, all will be decided on Wednesday when held another meeting of the Political Council.
Anatoly Lebedko said to us that it was hoped that there will be 5 Co-Chair, including Milinkevich, because it was determined five areas: first — management headquarters for the elections (in 2008 Yearwhether elections to the House of pradlstavnikov) 2nd — State Executive Committee, or the shadow government, the third — work with the regions, the fourth — the preparation and conduct of political actions, and the fifth — an international destination.
At the press conference, the participants answered a variety of questions. To the question "Why do I need faction?" Sp.Kalyakin replied that fraction needed so that people were tense, that they, as he said, "not to relax" and did not go away from these fractions.
Also asked, and that the four co-chair will do if the votes are — two for, two against? This was the response that the decision will not accept co-chairs and officers.
There was a question about Milinkevich: how to take his position? Kalyakin said that it was his personal choice, and it is impossible to get people to do what he wishes, but must give deference Milinkievich emperor that he was not called on his supporters to boycott the Congress or the Political Council.
To the question "where are democratic Belarus should go to the West or the East?" Anatoly Lebedko said that this is the hardest question. June 18 in Moscow will host a roundtable on the Belarusian-Russian affairs, where there will be many analysts and politicians, and that’s this question and will be referred to in this roundtable.
Also, the Anatoly Lewkowicz, acting chairman BSDG (Gromada) said that now, after the end of the congress was "fourth sub» object": previously East, West, Lukashenko, and now there is 4 — The first — on» United Democratic force.
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