November 23. In a production programmke Ulyanovsk aircraft plant until 2020 scheduled to release 103 upgraded aircraft IL-76 family. On Friday at a meeting with reporters said airline CEO Sergey Dementiev.
Recall that in October was signed today an agreement to supply the Ministry of Defence 39 Il-76MD-90A. First flight of the modernized standard aircraft on schedule, go from Ulyanovsk to Zhukovsky tests on December 27-28.
— At the moment we have finished the holding frequency tests on an airplane retrofitted equipment. December 2nd plane rolled onto the airfield where to begin ground testing, then it will paint — told Deputy Director General «Aviastar-SP,» project manager «476» Valery Tokarev.
In the line of IL-76, which will create a «Aviastar-SP» — Standard landing variant for the Ministry of Defense; promising tankers IL-78 — they create based on the Il-76MD-90A (they have not yet contracted: it supposedly happen in late 2013 — early 2014). Apart from this, will collect a number of IL-76, which will become the base platform aircraft spetsaviatsii for Taganrog Aviation Plant.
— At the moment we have caused certain customers in the first four IL-76. Three aircraft are already in creation — said Dement’ev. — One of them is for the Ministry of Defense — is the first aircraft under the state contract, which we must pass before November 25, 2014. Apart from this, will be built one tanker and two cars to Taganrog.
Hopefully aircraft factory production plan developed ahead of commodity delivery aircraft. In the framework of the Ulyanovsk release four, six, nine, 12, 15 and 18 aircraft per year (maximum of output is meant to achieve by 2018).
In real time, according to managing «Aviastar» contract with the Ministry of Defense is going through state registration and final approval at a cost. Parallel plant is developing the budget for 2013-2015. Until 2020 (the end of today’s acts of state program re), only by the government of the Russian Federation «Aviastar» for the establishment of modernized IL-76 will be allocated about 15 billion rubles. There are also extra-budgetary funds.
As noted Dement’ev, with the start of mass production of the first two years of the aircraft factory in parallel with construction vehicles will be required to engage in the same development work.
— First flight standard Il-76MD-90A made by the developer documentation — JSC «Tupolev». At the moment, «UAC-Transport Aircraft» fulfills technical person aircraft for the Defense Ministry, Taganrog, in different versions, and promising tanker — explained Managing aircraft factory.
By the way
Parallel Ulyanovsk aircraft factory sells state contract to modernize the military «Ruslan». On Friday, check flight committed aircraft that in the coming two — three a day or should go to the base in the suburbs. 2013 planned modernization of 3 «Ruslan», for 2014 minutes — another 2-yx.
— Unfortunately, for the resumption of production «Ruslan» I do not say anything definite can not resolve the question for accessories design documentation. Also, there is no decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on the resumption of the project — explained Sergey Dementiev. — Meanwhile, in the program of the United Aircraft Company after upgrading the An-124 is worth the resumption of production.
While aircraft manufacturers engaged in digitization of technological equipment, lost in a time when the creation of «Ruslan» was stopped. And promoted two other projects: in 2013 should reach Ulyanovsk creation 24 aircraft sets for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (on «Aviastar» set interiors). And in 2014 — put on the Irkutsk aircraft factory aircraft sets for the first two MS-21 (fuselage panels, cut the rear fuselage, doors, hatches, and center-tail).
Victoria Chernyshev

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