Belagroprombank finds the capital of the Italian market

Commenting on the event, the Italian edition of "La Voce d» Italia" writes: "On the whole the strategic importance of this event for Belarus evidenced by the fact that the ceremony was not only salting Alexei Skripko whose identity Italians after popular option about the girl Vika Moroz, and Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bambiza.
Opening Milan consulate Bank Belarusian side clarifies "brisk development of trade and economic cooperation with Italy," and "increasing needs for banking services and trade flows between vkladyvatelnyh projects with 2 countries."

Alexei Violin "Belarus has a lot to give to their partners."

According to "La Voce d» Italia", during a ceremony presented not only the Belarusian banking system, and the country itself. According to Belarusian Alexei Skripko salting, "Belarus finds cooperation at the international level, because it is a country that can do almost anything to give their partners." In turn, Vice — Prime Minister Ivan Bambiza invited everyone to Belarus — a country "flawless for tourism."
Foreign Consulate "Belagroprombank" as though any other consulate is not a bank branch, and is therefore not allowed engage in banking activities. Bankers associated activities of the consulate embassy: must be on the stock market to find their probable creditors teach trade situation, recommends his own bank management, with whom and how to negotiate.

Mike Zaleski: "Any insight into the world of positive Belarus. "

Minsk economic expert Mike Zaleski says that welcomes the opening of the Belarusian agencies in Milan. By him, "Milan — town, where banks have begun, and therefore there needs to begin and Belarus."
"Although penetration into the world of what a positive for Belarus. After it closed as that of Korea in the Middle Ages. Currently the criteria served symbol of globalization that, say, Belarus enters the European market", — said Mike Zalewski.
According to the former head of the State Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdankevich, "everything is done just in case."
"We a couple of years the market has representation "Commerzbank", the Austrian bank — says Stanislav Bogdanovich. — Some are thinking about opening a branch. Maybe "Belagroprombank" want to open a branch. We, as I know some business with Italy is. "
Milan Padye Chofi businessman who once visited Belarus, lust success newcomer consulate. He did not rule out that in his town at one point revealed branch of JSC "Belagroprombank".
When asked whether he wishes to become a client of the Belarusian bank, sovereign Chofi responds immediately to 2-languages: "I do not want … because there is no trust … yet."

Municipal "Belagroprombank" takes first place among Belarusian banks by the authorized capital and the second in terms of assets. "Belagroprombank" financed One of the most unprofitable economic sectors in the country — agriculture. In This year the bank plans — over 500 zaluchenne millions of dollars external sources of financing.

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