Belarus in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech

A new kind of censorship in the post-
The report of American human rights organization noted that in most of the CIS countries have been new forms of control over the media are independent of information. "Freedom House" describes the modern model of censorship. This mixed control of the country and the oligarchs, and a monopoly on broadcasting by so called the president’s family, and the prosecution also hidden and overt forms of intimidation.
Noteworthy that in the yearly review «Freedom House», devoted to freedom of speech, of the 195 countries surveyed in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech three CIS countries: Belarus, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
Belarus determine criminality for discrediting the authorities and restrict the web
As regards the situation in Belarus, the report refers to configurations in the Criminal Code, whereby introduced criminality for "discrediting Belarus" in the eyes of international organizations and foreign governments. Marked sample authorities to control the web, especially during election campaigns, said about blocking websites of opposition parties, public organizations and media-independent.

"The Belarusian regime has both the desire and the ability to limit the openness of the web."

The report says that there was no evidence found of periodic and comprehensive intervention in web. It is understood Belarusian authorities are quite thin, making access problematic, but never quite excluding other information signal.
"Freedom House" states that "the Belarusian regime has both the desire and the ability to limit the openness of the web. And these abilities are much broader than just block and filter the Web." The report says that "the threat to the openness of the Web Belarus will rise when the Act came into force, which increment control of the country over the network, so that the authorities were able to adjust and block web. As well as the pressure increases, which leads to self-censorship, "notes" Freedom House ".

Disappointing outlook defenders
Creators report noted four major trends in the CIS: the strengthening of control over the media, especially on television, legal restrictions on freedom of the media, special attention to foreign broadcasting and increased control over the print media.
The report «Freedom House», 10 of the 12 post-Soviet countries are assessed as not free. Free at the moment including Georgia and Ukraine. From the 10’s captive, according to the report, no country is moving in the direction of improving the contrary there is a tendency to worsen the situation.
"Web — the main contender for the candidacy and leadership in the media in the CIS, says Christopher Walker, director of research« Freedom House »and created the report.
CIS countries listed as one of the unsafe regions for journalists. Intimidation, physical violence and even murder of reporters and editors — this is acceptable situation for journalists who examine the political and corporate corruption. Virtually every country in the CIS journalists were victims of targeted killings or died under suspicious circumstances, the report said "Freedom House".

6.68 — this assessment of the country’s democratic Belarus made over the past year the human rights organization Freedom House. Ratings varyyuyutstsa 1 — the highest degree of democracy to 7 — lower. Belarus was rated 6.68 in the company of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Compared to the previous year figure of democracy in Belarus Freedom House assessment was slightly better. How should the organization of the report, it is related to a more positive assessment of the activity of non-governmental public organizations.

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