Belarus lacks almost 3,000 doctors

The average salary in medicine 2006 was 243 bucks. The doctor — 423 bucks to nurse — 237 bucks. It all paid extra for the highest category, seniority and harmful working conditions.
Salaries of doctors — young professionals — about 300 thousand rubles (140 bucks). From the words of the Minister of Health Basil Hot, prepared a draft decree on increase of salaries for young professionals which is currently consideration by the President.
Planned increase by an average of 65 thousand rubles.
Fewer doctors in Belarus pay agricultural workers, welfare, culture, art.
According to the minister, 2006 stabilized somewhat and become better demographics. The number of fatalities decreased by 2.4%, while the number of births increased by 6.4%.
Doctors worried very highest mortality guys working age — in Last year it was 901 per 100 thousand population (with the ladies — 222 options on 100 thousand).
Early mortality in men is associated with injuries, poisoning (in including and alcohol abuse), homicide and suicide. Mortality in rural areas almost a third of the higher than in the town.
• More real profitably Belarus be bureaucrat, 06.04.2007
• Real wages Belarusians for 4 months decreased by 6%, 05.04.2007

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