Belarus Regime: where to shoot smoking?

Virtually any photographer can tell that faced a situation where the security forces forbade photographing one or another object in the center of Minsk.
Photographer of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Yuri Dedinkin states that very stares for photographers at the presidential administration building in Minsk:
"Yes, but only with permission. And of course, that will not take off because it as they say, very hidden object. Although, who needs withdraw without problems … Courts, of course, forbid shoot, especially with respect to the Supreme Court. Virtually all high-ranking chiefs strongly opposed, to be photographed. Last year on May 9, although the identity and showed me forbade shooting until after the procession, headed by the president. In This year the machine did not even uncover because unwilling confrontation with these guys. Beat machine, and you need to work. They also deal in aspects not willing. "
Station — a strategic site
Dmitry inhabitant Mogilev, which removes marriage, not so long ago willed photograph architectural delights of Mogilev. Here’s what happened:
"Made a rough plan, one of the railway station was listed Fri. Arrived, began to shoot. After 10 minutes, two police officers approached, asked for documents (well, what else were driving licenses). They brought to the police station, where all data is copied," struck "by a computer , then uttered: any station on the ground shooting is prohibited. Allegedly, actually shooting at strategic sites to which it belongs and the train station is not allowed. "
Vitebchanin Serebro states that no one personally drove when he was filming trains and bridges in their own town. But the problem is still the photographer appeared:
"Certain difficulties may arise if the pictures in the premises of the bank, which may find that you are photographing the surveillance system and alarm. Therefore it is better to ask for permission. May be difficult during photographing military installations or parts. And although no one really there not looking for military puzzles but the mystery of buildings, areas, equipment, where they friction remains. Well, and difficulties, of course, take pictures when the "event" the police to stop the opposition actions. Several civil servants, without showing any identity cards, front of the lens and become a stroll, do not give pictures of what is happening. "
Municipal facilities to protect against spyware?
What objects in Belarus forbidden to take pictures? Calling the Security Center under the President of disk imaging.
"I am on this subject I know nothing. No disk imaging on this I can not say, since such information simply do not possess."
Meanwhile spokesman Presidential Security Service Alexei Gusev stated in the media that according to the law on state protection, there is a list of objects that can not shoot. Quote sovereign Gusev: "This is the President’s residence, Government House, and some others. This refers to the shooting up of lots that will reveal the features of service, approaches to the building that is under state protection. Intelligence officer at the fact withdrawal shall determine for what purposes it is being, he has the right to view the footage on a digital camera and ask to erase those that you see a large plan of the protected object. "

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