Belarus, which does not indicate BT

According to her, the idea of the contest came from the 1st of activists who have yet to be created. "Pros of this competition is that, in the 1-x, themselves protesters can bring to the society alternative information about life in Belarus. In-2, it will be very different information, as will be able to participate in the competition all: Party members and, believers and unbelievers, trade unionists, students, schoolchildren — everyone who has the ability to remove the clip, "- said Mrs. Kotskaya.
Terms role in the competition, according to her, the ordinary. "You have to take better camera, the movie about the life of Belarus lasting less than 10 minutes and less than 100 megabytes, upload it to the Web video service on, and whereupon send me a link to your work on the web-site of Alexander Milinkevich July 20. And we will have created a competent jury, and elect the favorites, "- said the press secretary of the movement" For Freedom. "

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