Belarusian film won the main prize of the festival in Krakow

In the category of small-sized films for the main merit in Krakow fought 46 tapes in the middle of their creators — a number of prominent filmmakers from around the world. Galina Adamovich, despite the fact that her films have received Merit winner in the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, did not believe that can be overcome:
"People are worried about things in the monotonous globally: The meaning of life, fear of death, the satisfaction of the child’s birth and so on. This universal things, and if they show true because it hurts everyone, "- so Ms. Adamovich answered the question, what struck her film jury.
The director does not agree with the views of a number of critics, Belarus-country, which plainly and documentarian not removed.
"There are a lot of movies. Another thing, that they have no place to look. We do not have TV programs from such as, for example, on the Russian TV channel "Culture" of the documentary. So even those who wish to look Belarusian documentary, do not have such ability. "
Galina Adamovich receives the grand prize of the Krakow Festival
According to Galina Adamovich, her movie — a story about the daily life of rural families with many children work on the farm and greenhouses with cucumbers, rest and prayer is perceived differently in Belarus and in the same Krakow.
"In Belarus, I had read that it’s such a pessimistic film, some sad Belarus indicates, and in Krakow, on the contrary, they say that this movie — joyful!"

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