Belarusian human rights activists welcomed the decision of the UN General Assembly

Vladimir Labkovich, chairman of the legal committee of the BPF Party, says that he considers it fair that such election is not held.
"Since the Republic of Belarus does not meet even the lowest standards in the field of international human rights. Belarus does most of the responsibilities that it assumed in this area. That now the 17th hour was a vote on the inclusion or non-inclusion of Belarus in the UN Council on Human Rights, and at this time in Russian Minsk District Court against the organizers of the processes of "Chernobyl Way" Yuri and Valentina Zenkovich Polevikova, again confirms that the desire of the Belarusian authorities "beeps" to get into this parliament is not fully match the capabilities of Belarus in the field of human rights. "
Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich convinced that action in the General Assembly of the United Nations are an indication that the international community has a severe attention to the state of human rights in Belarus.
"It is also evidence that the report Adrian Severin and other documents of international agencies about the state of law and human rights in Belarus act, they are treated with respect. And the company, which soon launched international legal framework, human rights organizations, so as not to perceived the Republic of Belarus with its current management and its policies, it is also influenced the decision. If we talk in person myself, I would note that I also filed befitting a paper which said that the current political regime in the country, today’s authorities are not yet ready to submit our country in this very principle organ of the United Nations. "
Oleg Gulak, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee also believes that Belarus does not meet the highest standards of human rights:
"We should not have rose-colored glasses and illusions that the UN system flawless and perfect. There are a lot of problems, a lot of mistakes. This real political arganizatsyya.Toe that in this structure, there are such countries as Azerbaijan, this does not mean that the current undemocratic Belarus also be there. It would be unfair to people who suffer from the regime and those who do a lot of the country to be democratic … Our country needs to do much in this direction. Because would be very happy, so for the next period of time we could read on, our place — in this Parliament. "

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