Belarusian opposition members had a meeting in the Lithuanian Seimas

The conference was co-chairman of the political council of four are participating. Recently the Vyachorka, Kalyakin, Lebedko and A.Levkovich met in the Lithuanian Seimas with heads 2-parliamentary groups for relations with Belarus.
Rasa Jukneviciene, second cadence in which the Lithuanian Seimas heads the parliamentary group "For a Democratic Belarus," notes that the arrival of the favorites of the Belarusian opposition in Vilnius was really needed:
"And in the West, as I know, and we here in the adjacent Belarus Lithuania appeared concern that at the moment Belarus has no 1st favorite and recognized by all the opposition headed by collective favorite.
I think we have to accept the choice of the Belarusians and maintain those forces that have more profound democratic traditions and very well aware of the internal situation in Belarus.
Will be very sorry if we lose the tried and tested over decades of contacts with the Belarusian opposition. I hope that Alexander Milinkevich also join the general work. I have the impression that the four co-chairs of the» combined now more than ever before. They took their strategy, trying to find certain steps, and we are all in the West, I think, have to accept their decision. "
Head of the parliamentary group "For ties with Belarus" Vaclav Stankevich notes that his group develops business from all over Belarus in including and that part which is different Belarusian opposition forces:
"I’m perfectly I know that happened in the last Congress of Democratic Forces, a member of our parliamentary group was there at my request.
I made sure that the Co is committed to working further, but I’m not sure that today’s four chapters are prepared for work in the international arena — maybe over time this gap will be filled. "
Member of the parliamentary committee of international relations V.Stankevich noted that favorite parts of Belarus opposition forces — not only the representatives of Belarus, which have affairs of the European Union:
"The Co-Chairs have experience in Belarus, and time will tell what will be forthcoming from their work. I think these favorites understand that in the sphere of international Alexander Milinkevich did a great job for the democratic forces, and now they need to either negotiate with him, either by doing this job.
Lithuanian parliamentary group with Belarus focuses not only on the opposition. For us it is fundamentally cheap and all that Belarusian, because our attention — to the Belarusian people to youth organizations, to public communities, to the official Minsk and also the opposition. Doors open to the opposition, but that does not mean that the group will focus only on the work with the opposition, our goal — possible best relationship between our peoples. "
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