Belarusian peacekeepers leave for the future

Belarusian military do not participate in UN peacekeeping. But as said Defense Ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Ramenchyk in the future role of the Belarusian mission "blue helmets" at the theoretical level is not excluded:
"Now we do not take part in peacekeeping operations. Yet, Belarusian legislation allows it, because we are trained for the role of the military in peacekeeping operations. But at the moment we do not in any humanitarian actions are not involved. "
Belarusians peacekeepers until the "pull"
Alexander, the last soldier of the Belarusian army, shows, first in Africa, many Belarusian professionals who help develop the technical basics of local armies. His last trip was in Uganda. But as stated Alexander, on the "black continent" almost all are in a state of military confrontation with its neighbors:
"These trips usually under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence never pass. I do not think that soldiers serving in the Belarusian army, somewhere working abroad. Apart from maybe a few contracts. Usually it happens more on a personal level, agree more with retired military or military who serve, but they are for the sake of future work are dismissed from the army. And move there. "
Reporter: "And you were in such long trip?"
"In general, I was a couple of times, and the duration was from one to six months."
Reporter: "And your duty was to train the military?"
"Yes, it was full of soldiers standing army."
Next Belarusian mercenaries — from the Balkans to Chechnya
Facts indicate during armed conflicts shortly Belarusians also did not remain as extras. During the Balkan campaign Belarusian experts at Russia through riding on the Yugoslav war. One of the managers of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in exile Turpal Ali Kaim, which is currently lives in Norway, states directly: for 2-Chechen campaigns Belarusians side Russian federal troops waged war in Chechnya. Proof of this — the condemnation of commandos led by Valery Ignatovich involved in the abduction ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky, which control channel kamandirovvala in Chechnya:
"Yes, I have about this special designation. It is checked …"
Reporter: "Can you at least tell me in which areas they were? Or basically across Chechnya?"
"No, their center was practically in Khankala. But in the main they acted in mountain ranges. This first in the Chateau and Vedeno."
Reporter: "It’s you and the first voice of the company, and the second? In other words, a 2-Chechen wars Belarusians participated? "
"So, of course, that there was a contract."
Reporter: "That is a matter of money?"
"Naturally. Matter what war is not without resources."
Ministry of Defence to war not seconded
Defense Ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Ramenchyk does not rule: through different structures of the former Russian Belarusian soldiers go to work in other countries. But the department in such trips does not correct:
"We have a role in such actions do not take. Maybe individuals here and there were. But such evidence of the Defence Ministry does not possess. At least, acting armed forces are not involved in the operations, and permanent army of the mission itself is not shrouded" .
For many Belarusians experience founded Afghanistan wars. But before This time participants in those events it hard to understand where the peacekeeping mission began, and where — a real war.

Under the auspices of the UN peacekeeping in 18 regions of the world are engaged above 72 thousand soldiers and 15 civilians thousand persons.

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