Belarusians U.S.: We live changes

Young Historian of Belarus Nikolai Timoshenko trained and working in the U.S.. In New York, he lives two and a half years — almost as many years and has a youth organization, of which he is the favorite, and that on May 26 took part in the congress of the Belarusian-American Association (BAZ),’s oldest Belarusian organizations abroad, made the middle of the last century.
Tymoshenko: "For me and my friends it was very curious. Took part in the congress of the youth of our organization. Youth was about 20% of the total number of delegates. We will learn from the older case — this case should not die, we will carry this flag and give it new emigrants when they will arrive. "
Fighting was democratic
The organization, headed by Nikolay Timoshenko — the Belarusian Association of America’s youth — the youth wing of the Belarusian This American Association. A union congress cleaned new chairman. There were two candidates recognizable figures Belarusian emigration — Vyachka Stankevich and longtime chairman of the management of the Head of Anton Shukeloytsa. Age — he will be first in July ’92 — absolutely no hindrance to his activities, says Nicholas youth favorite:
"The Emperor Anton — a fascinating man, sire Vyachka — a fascinating man, both worthy and respectable people. Was nice and just curious to watch, the fight was really democratic, open, everything was as it should be according to the principles of democracy."
Nicholas also said that at the request of the youth, both candidates have prepared and released their applets activities. The new chairman was elected in the secret ballot by a margin of two votes.
"I can live better"
Manage the Belarusian-American Association — Chairman of the brain control — was elected Vyachka Stankevich, recognizable figure Belarusian emigration that occurs from Vilnius, the offspring of the 1st of the largest Belarusian linguists of the twentieth century Yankee Stankevich.
Vyachka Stankevich about 10 years as head of the Belarusian Radio Liberty Editor, and then initiated and conducted in conjunction with the BLS series of seminars for Belarus, "I can live better," which assist many feel the meaning and significance of freedom.
Does the election of a new chairman of the council in the configuration of the Belarusian-American Association?
Vyachka Stankevich shares his views:
"We live changes. Those entities that do not change die. Indeed, you have to go with the times.

"At the moment it seems slightly wave of emigration to the early 1950s"

The main principles of activity should remain such that there are at the moment, but the method of work and, obviously, the people who will work — in this configuration should be. Here are the configuration, as new people come new generation. But the main goal — to serve Belarus, even if abroad — remains constant. "
"At the moment it seems slightly wave of emigration to the early 1950s"
In recent years significantly increased the number of Belarusians who come to America to study or work. A clear account of all these people does not exist in Belarus itself. Vyachka Stankiewicz believes that the bill is already in the thousand. Either this is largely youth?
"Yes, of course, and not only. Indeed, many people come to the so-referred to as" green cards, "and this whole» and seven. Now the situation is starting to be a little similar to the times of 1949 — the beginning of the 1950s, when the base began. Since there is a whole range of home, not only students or young people seek out happiness in the world. But there is a difference. Indeed, in the post-war time came a wave of former camps for displaced persons. At this point — seven separate» Yami, one by one. And many — for the sake of economic circumstances and then spreads to the sea emigration of the former USSR. Not such a large percentage of them to join our organization, "- says Vyachka Stankevich.
BASE will expand
Belarusian-American Association,’s oldest Belarusian NGOs abroad, founded in the midst of the last century — stands at the moment, on the eve of new configurations. As told Vyachka Stankevich, new methods will work, because new people come.
Vyachka Stankevich said that work will continue on lobbying Belarusian problems in the U.S. Congress, well, brand new work and new things — this is not the cause of his 1st, but all together. In his view, should be changed and that for ordinary things abroad when "labor of hundreds of people doing 10s": Belarusian-American Association will expand.
Stankevich shares plans of activity:
"I look at the next step of my work at the office BASE as an opportunity to work with a workable team.
Among the main tasks — in-1’s, assist organizations to establish new departments across America. Now any activity occurs mainly in New York, Cleveland, New Jersey — by the way, particularly where there church.
In-2-x — assist make doable cultural and educational program from.
And the third — as thousands of people come to America for years, and in those places where the Belarusian diaspora previously had absolutely no need to make the conditions, so we knew they were coming.
Here probable and help organizations such as the World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland." And we need to assist new here Belarusians master this for someone else their country. So makarom more remains at their institutions and in Belarus time, Belarus when it will perhaps assist Belarus once again become available to his feet. "
People from Belarus, those who are planning to come to America either came not so long ago, often seek advice and assistance on personal contacts. For example, much has been written Vitaly Bunny, Vytautas boiling. Currently Belarusian-American Association will be organized to help these Belarusians Vyachka says Stankevich
"It is better — but it will take a little time — withdo it cooperated for those who wish to join and who need help. Especially if it’s seven» and since then there is an opportunity to help in different parts of life, different generations — and seniors, and children. Yes, it is One of the most Fri principle of our future activities. This acceptance form for those Belarusians who came not so long ago. "
The youth wing base, which has its own separate identity, does not put his own goal of being a mass organization — or maybe at the moment and there are planned configuration?
Nicholas meets Tymoshenko:
"We are interested in high-quality personnel. We do not aim to be a mass organization. But we help those people, who come to us with certain neuvvyazkami. We help get a loan to go to college. Those who have just arrived, not many know about the U.S., they live in illusions in the first time.
We counsel in immigration matters, we have to open our emigrant chapter. You can ask questions, we consult for free. We help such makarom fasten our community. "
Disagreement or cooperation?
Disagreement in one degree or another exists in all immigration environment. This time, blame the Belarusian secret services from time to time — the inability of the people themselves to overcome past conflicts and their own ambitions.
In the United States and other Belarusian youth organization. Working intensively Belarusian youth movement — both online and in the real environment. Not counting the rest, June 3, made this Movement Belarusian Museum of Art organized a personal exhibition of Belarusian artist Mikola Kupavy in New York. Belarusian Youth Movement of America helps fight hacker attacks on the website of the Belarusian-American Association, hitherto last.
"Contacts have constantly because" cool "in the same place. Happens on previous protests and demonstrations. Meet at the church and in the affair
s of the church. But no such formal cooperation because it is different organizations.
But there is always a desire to work together for the benefit of Belarus, and so it was at least these internal differences, as do more useful for Belarus ", — says Vyachka Stankevich.
Virtual Global Youth Society
That Belarusian youth in America, which did not lure the classic forms of organization and that their social activity scores in the virtual space, usually does not take part in the celebrations BASE. "We do not subscribe to the old organizations of the Diaspora," — says one of the activists of the Belarusian society virtual Mikhalina, who lives in Washington:
"Certainly, the problem is that the ancient diaspora works quite slowly, and youth maximalism, optimism, a flurry of activity simply can not be within the boundaries of an old pavolnastsi diaspora.
The older generation of more direct physical contact — in other words to the celebrations, meetings. Websites in their static. Young people are busier method that allow modern technology.
And for us the most important thing — this cooperation with activists in Belarus, and on a friendly level and at the level of joint projects. And old diaspora more focused on work inside the diaspora. We have a different position and — for us is not so acute the problem of preservation of the Belarusian sign, we are not afraid of assimilation, we are not cut off from Belarus and we — not immigrants.
And at this point we wish to connect youth activists abroad and in Belarus itself, I think it will be a positive thing in the activities and the diaspora itself.
While there is a distinction between older and younger diaspora, I can not say that there is close cooperation. There is a certain wariness on the part of older youth, but I think it will take place over time, if we can show that we can really work and become a true change of senior diaspora. "
The new chairman of the association Vyachka Stankevich intensively uses web browsing every day, aware of his ability — as it relates to public activity in the network?
"I see the benefit of this, and see that virtual places as virtual contacts can become virtual work. And I would like the job to be certain. It seems to me that those who think, which can be work exclusively in the virtual space, make sure that if you need results, you should also close and human affairs, and not just electric, "- says of Stankevich.
"Everything will be seen during operation"
That youth, for whom exciting classic form of public works and which took part in the congress BASE, joined the team a new favorite. Grazyna Zalevskaja says that she likes such work:
"At the Congress on each of us had a big responsibility. It was a very difficult choice. On the one hand — me very pochetaemy Shukeloyts Anton, the man himself-story. However — Vyachka Stankevich — energetic, sensual, full of thoughts.
Important is to stay young at heart, and unprincipled as human years. And change — it’s always great when we go forward. I wish Vyachka Stankevich go ahead, give him the God of health, success for the benefit of our Belarusian affairs in America and our Motherland.
I am very pleased that Vyachka Stankevich made this decision — to take his team to the youth, as young people — it’s always new ideas. And all will be seen during operation, because — so help us God! "
Nikolay Timoshenko:
"As sovereign Vyachka, he is very hardworking and energetic person, I wish him success. I hope that the organization will get together with him a new look.
Before his election to the youth asked both candidates to publish applets, that after the election we could see the later that was manufactured with planned and promised, and that — not, and why. I think that most of the hidden Vyachka Stankevich accomplished, for he and his energetic person really ambitious plans. "

Contacts BASE can be found on. Contact youth favorites — program participants can be found on the websites Unions Belarusian youth of America or the Belarusian Youth Movement of America, and an activist with the virtual Mikhalina Belarusian movement that took part in the transfer, can be contacted at

• Interview with the new manager of the Belarusian-American Association Vyachka Stankevich, 31.05.2007

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