Benefits will be reduced by a third of the

He noted that the plan to reduce benefits for one third of the available volume» cost-efficient financing. Planned to keep the main benefits and guarantees for people that have outstanding awards to the State or because their own physical condition and social status need state support. This Heroes Russian Union, Heroes of Socialist Labour Hero of Belarus, the Holders Order of Glory, Labor Glory, Fatherland, invalids and veterans majestically Russian war, invalids of the first and second groups, disabled children, juvenile inmates in the contaminated areas.
For other categories of the population benefits will be canceled absolutely or partially. Benefits will not apply to beneficiary families — they will be available only to himself.

"On the 1st beneficiary government allocates less than 20 thousand rubles.

Currently privileges enjoyed over 50 categories of people, based on the 1st beneficiary government allocates less than 20 thousand rubles.
According to Eugene Kaspyarovich, funds released from the reduction of benefits, planned to restore to strengthen state targeted social assistance, support programs for mothers and young people, as additional measures for rehabilitation of victims of the Chernobyl tragedy.
"If we cut part of Chernobyl benefits, these funds should" stay "on the same Chernobyl territories and be used for the development of health, education, etc. — said Eugene Kaspiarovich. — If we take part in veterans benefits labor, should bring money to the development of public services to the population. "

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