Bobruisk: entrepreneurs forced to cede power

Favorite regional organization "Movement for the free development of entrepreneurship" Medvedev said Lena Radio Liberty, believes that the outcome of negotiations with the government for successful businessmen.
According to her, agreed that for 2-weeks forbidden to penalize or withdraw product standards which are for certification.

A.Myadvedeva: "When we said that all" go on vacation "and" for what taxes you are going to live? "They uttered:" We’re going to have to make concessions. "

"I think this is a major concession. However, they are so long" floating "… But when we declared that all" go on vacation "and it is the same, and that the strike" for what taxes you will live? "They uttered:" We’re going to have to make concessions. "There was head of the tax inspectorate, heads of departments, very many sanepidemstantsii representatives headed by the main doctor. "
As reported by Radio Liberty, last Wednesday at Bobruisk markets sanepidemstantsii employees, the tax office and the department to combat organized crime launched a massive inspection business. The product did not have the certificate properties, inspectors confiscated on the spot.
In response, employers have finished work on strike and gathered in the square in front of the City Council.
Bobruisk: spontaneous Protest business 13.06.2007

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