Bolshevitskaya game patiently and energetically brought Kupalu

"Star" in the 1927 report of Pukhavichy district: "In our area for soon held not Belarusization and Russification, well really: take RVC who apparently forgot and the CEC and its, where he wasand proposals to conduct truly meeting their native language. Now also by only 100 percent. translated paperwork and discussions and meetings to This time paraseysku underway. The same phenomenon in other institutions — Russian and party. "
In 1947, "Lim" writes to the 5th anniversary of the death of Yanka Kupala, "a huge role in the crystallization of the poet’s understanding of the world played the party of Lenin and Stalin, and its ideological and educational impact. Bolshevitskaya game patiently and energetically brought Kupalu helped him get closer to modern Russian reality assisted by his ideological armament. This gave their beautiful results. Domes, based on our research sovetskogo deepest reality, did the work, who put his name in the first ranks of the masters of poetry sovetskogo Union. "
"The Banner of Youth", year 1957. The newspaper published a letter O.Buhvalter readers: "My offspring in This year go to the first class. All the girls braid ribbons in braids and boys must be come naked trimmed. Not clear to me why boys are not allowed in school with neatly cropped hair? "

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