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Man: "I would like to respond to the word Belenky, who does not like Belarus. Specifically, Belarus does not like Milinkevich. Belarus dislikes Liabedzka. Same Belenky. And everyone who travels the West realizes Belarus" greenish "and" euro " . What else can open a discussion here? "
Victor Butoh, Minsk: "It is evident that only the General Frolov Alexander Kozulin or can be severe competitors to President Lukashenko. They concede even Alexander Milinkevich, which while more rating. But he did and very large — Alexander Milinkevich unwilling or afraid to join civilization but for all that reaches individual leadership as Lebedko, Kalyakin, Statkevich and other similar policies at any rating less than 1%. "
Man: "I agree with those who hold the idea that at the present time the entire democratic opposition should unite not around favorite, but around the idea around the main tasks. And such a task by my views, is a struggle to change the electoral law, since the abolition of early voting and election ending proportional-majoritarian principle as it made and elsewhere in the including and in Russia. This battle must be waged on all fronts and every day. When you change the electoral law, and then can be expect to win. And if not, then no favorite not overcome. "
Man: "On your radio every day hear the call record 1st class, which said: "In our people so barking! Ugly you do …" I would like to say this to someone: barking dogs only. And on Radio Liberty people work. If you so hunt for the real nonsense hear include Belarusian radio and television. That’s where can bark. In doing so, they simply have no equal. And here they call and say, that did not bark. Only hardly hear you there. They were ordered to bark, and they will it mattersbe ‘.
Wheelchair: "Here I sit and think about that though on a modicum of life became better wheelchair. Himself such. Stories from movies to know that the protection of the world proletariat leader Vladimir Lenin was from the 1st person. Would like to know how much and what her underlings our "father" of Lukashenko. Somewhere read that it has a luxurious Boeing — in some places as much as 100 million dollars and a huge amount of "Mercedes." I think for all of these funds can be, for example, Minsk to make ramps everywhere: on transitions, homes, stores, etc.. Also make platforms, lifts for human transport, also on the subway elevators in the subway for wheelchair users. "
Alexander, Maladziechna: "Why do you call Milinkevich" favorite opposition, "if it is not? He did not even co-chair of the united opposition. Other words, it turns out that he himself is. Maybe it is a project of Western intelligence agencies. There is reason to assert this as someone has his finances. So why do you still call it a favorite of the Belarusian opposition? "
Larissa, Minsk: "I wish to recommend to our government to pay attention to the problem of alcoholism in the midst of our population. Requires that a programm government where had be attracted medical officers. Drunkard — are men and ladies young age, from time to time deprived of parental rights. These kids and get into children’s homes, and the government spends a lot of money for the maintenance of these kids. And kids should be brought up in the family. This dilemma Government needs to be solved. And the government should support the opposition. After all, the country is certain degradation of the population. These same people are not interested, and the government needs to bother about the health of civilization. Ancestors healthy — healthy kids. "
Lady: "You reported that employees of sweet plants Belarus ordered them to return acquired shares of their own companies to the state. State does not need working owners who are thinking about factory farming and about their own welfare. Remains to think about vodka and listen sensual improvisation ruling on every political issue. And not only on political themes. At that still think themselves more? state does not need and the owner in the village — the farmer, businessman, does not need the national conscious educated youth and almost everything else that rises to the highest word Civilization. Thanks. All the best in the work. "
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "I warmly welcome you, dear friends, for" Night Primer "sounds one of my poems, which are called" Soligorsk miners ": When the sky pale stars, And the moon hid behind the clouds, exit out of the ground miners from work tired faces. Go in helmets with lanterns beloved Sons of Belarus to the house late in the evening. Always proud of them. I’m proud of his native land. Our region is famous and rich. Salt mine here in mining, Potash has factories. I am proud Soligorski, People who live here, in our town Shakhtersk, because their miners name.
Lady: "I wish to ask Lukashenko, that he did not take off with the benefits the elderly. After all, we and so Russian authorities have been wronged and there. And I want to tell Moscow that they should not hand fed Belarus, as we do not want them to be with us, not willing that they commanded. And we ask Lukashenko did not pull us to Russia. For we can not live with Russian authorities, because she vorachivaetsya reversed. And we want to be Europe and in Europe. Yesterday came from Europe senior people uttered that Belarus will not give Russia: "Belarus — is Europe and we will take of Belarus". I’m so glad to be. Thank you. And I heard on Radio Liberty that you will give the receivers as a prize to people. I just envied. I need to. Well, thank you for your attention. "
Man: "Republican prosecutor will refer to the General Prosecutor’s Office. And I think that it should be called the General Prosecutor political — CCI. The lack of results in search Zakharenko Zavadsky Gonchar and Krasovsky aperatyvnastsi criminal "firefighters" Sergeichik and, on the other hand, the case Sadouskaya Klimova, cartoons and other title is confirmed. And you must name the ideological divisions in the Russian manner — the political department. "

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