Brest picket in defense of kids sent to the former cemetery

Earlier in Brest was another place for rallies and pickets — the stadium "Builder", which the local called "stone bag". It currently repairing.
A playground, where the power for the first time now corrected picket in defense of toddlers is popular title "Farm cemetery."
About during the campaign said Igor Maslowski — chairman of the regional branch of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk)
"There is almost no residential. Entire stadium surrounded by a concrete wall. Little piece of personal sector — and everything, we’re set and shield collecting signatures for the preservation of benefits for children, students, the disabled and pensioners. By the way, we are now called in the ideological department of the executive committee and also invite employees to join the picket. While they are not. "
Picket in Brest lasted two hours. Organizers say that the social benefits that cancels the power exacerbate the real state least Brest 30 thousand families.
Deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation Leonid Maistruk calls it an attempt to escape the current regime through benevolence:
"Withdraw a piece of bread in questionthe man. And this can not be done now. Because we went out now. We express our solidarity with the ordinary people who really badly expressed about abolition of privileges . "
Brest Branch Secretary Leonid Maistruk PKB also said that the rally in Brest — the beginning of a long campaign. The region will continue to collect signatures against cancellation of privileges. The interviewee said that this document be referred to Supreme Tribunal Belarus.

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