Britain will seek the extradition of Russian suspect in Litvinenko murder

British investigators have completed many months investigating the murder of former Russian FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko. Now at a press conference in London Imperial head Prosecution Service of England Ken MacDonald said investigators have quite facts to expose the charge Andrei Lugovoi with first-degree murder.
Litvinenko died in the English clinic on November 23 last year from poisoning by the rare radioactive substance "polonium-210." November 1, on the day when hefelt unhealthy, Litvinenko drank tea with Lugovoi and another of his former employees Russian special services Dmitry Kovtun in English hotel "Millennium", where later tests found radiation levels.
And Lugovoi and Kovtun, who live in Russia, deny their guilt.
London from Moscow expects "full cooperation" in the extradition of Lugovoi
Ken MacDonald said today that Britain will seek the extradition of Lugovoi England:

K.Makdonald "I immediately ordered the lawyers to make the right moves … that he (Meadow) responded faster as possible before the tribunal in London for a very serious sin."

"I immediately ordered the lawyers to make the necessary steps to extradite Andrei Lugovoi from Russia to England, so here he was charged with the murder and that he possible responded faster to the Tribunal in London for a very serious sin. "
Minister of foreign affairs of England, Margaret Beckett, with his own hand said that London expects Moscow "full cooperation" in the extradition of Lugovoi English justice.
43-year-old critic Litvinenko was mercilessly Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he accused in his death in a statement own murder. Moscow rejected the accusation as smyahotnae.
Our homeland and Britain did not have a contract for extradition
Office of the Russian Prosecutor General has already stated Our homeland that England will not issue any suspects. Our homeland and England do not have a contract for extradition, and the Russian constitution does not provide for the issuance of its people.
Russian prosecutors present a statement, of course, make more intense diplomatic relationship between Moscow and London. Our homeland irritated Britain’s refusal to issue a Russian tycoon and Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky, and Akhmed Zakayev — Representative brain-independent control of Chechnya. Both were close to Litvinenko.
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