Bush supports the independence of Kosovo

Speaking at a joint with Bulgarian President Zhoroj Parvanavym press conference in Sofia George W. Bush said:
"It is time to move forward the Ahtisaari plan. America believes that Kosovo should become independent. I consulted on this occasion President (Parvanavym). I agree with him that coupled with the fact, as we strive to achieve the independence of Kosovo, we also agree that before Serbia must be open path, or NATO or the European Union as a way to best relations with the United States. "
Prepared by UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari plan paduglezhvae Kosovo’s independence, but under international supervision. Long negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina under the auspices of the UN have failed. Kosovo Albanians demand complete independence and, moreover, without any delay. For its part Serbiya do not agree on rejection own province. This position was once again expressed Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica:
"Serbiya completely and absolutely rejects Ahtisaari plan, despite the sanctions imposed by the UN, as the plan provides for the seizure of 15% of our area."
George Bush admitted that during the summit "Big Eight" failed to reach a compromise in Kosovo because of resistance from Russia. Moscow supports Belgrade and threatened to use its right of veto in the UN Security Council. Our homeland believes that the independence of Kosovo may be unsafe precedent and if ever this is the demand regions such as Abkhazia, Prydnyastrove, Midday Ossetia and Nagorny Karabakh. In the case of veto vzhytstsya Russia remains the only way of recognizing the independence of Kosovo by individual states.
Regarding the independence of Kosovo, there is no agreement and in the midst of the European allies. Just as our homeland against Kosovo independence strongly advocate Slovakia, Cyprus and Spain. Germany, France, England and the Scandinavian countries over the goodwill of this idea. Incidentally, during the summit of "eight" compromise made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He proposed to postpone the decision of the tests based on 6 months and mizhchase find the best option for the Ahtisaari plan.

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