Can not itself be that Lukashenko snubbed elderly

Recently, the government of Belarus to be finished beneficiaries. A law passed in the House of Representatives last Wednesday immediately in 2-readings affect the interests of a few million Belarusian seniors, students and disabled people who hitherto had significant discounts on public transport, pharmaceuticals and utilities.
Why society has not responded to such a step power? That’s what considerations in this regard is divided in its own electric letter from Nicholas Zenkevich Osipovichy area:
"Conceived and then the whole country zagude and vosstenaete. And wrong. Everyone is silent, as if clams. Comes to fun. Explain their own neighbor-retirees that to get to the garden, he now does not have to pay 5 thousand and 10. So he laughs, do not believe. Says: "There can be such, that Lukashenko is so offended the elderly. This muddies the water all opposition. But the" father "is rapidly put them in place."
What the opposition if the opposition on a gun shot to the House of Representatives are not allowed? All this is planned in the presidential administration. Neuzh it is not clear that an independent Parliament we have, and deputies just obediently raise their hands for what they will give an order of Lukashenka’s entourage?
But before people this does not reach. They just do not behold the their fool. In Russia, when canceling benefits that pensioners in return gave considerable supplement to the pension. And we have — zero. And whereupon we still rejoice in their own education and tolerance. "
For many people, especially in rural areas, the only source disk imaging — municipal and state TV is wired radio (so called "a radio"). A topic they cancel all benefits soon studiously avoided.
If mentioned only in passing, as a "device" and "still a huge concern about the country’s most vulnerable people," to which Tipo will target the funds that they shall take away more than 5 million people, which hitherto used the benefits.
Naturally, an inexperienced person of advanced age in such a euphemism slovabludtve and understand difficult. But everything will fall into place if your, sire Zenkevich familiar come a few months later at the railway station — and scared to know that no longer will be able for the usual five thousand rubles to go to his dacha.
Your purse such people — argument is much more convincing and exhausted than any words.
A subsequent letter from kutsee Oshmyan Grodno region. Student Andrew Cleaver reports on communal difficulties own town and how to solve them, local authorities:
"We have an old cemetery near Ashmyany created a real big dump. Sending photos along with a letter confirming this. Believe that the chairman of the Executive Committee for such must be removed from office because he does not meet her. And these images should be printed in zabugornyh publications: maybe "Freedom" would contribute to this? "
I do not think Andrew that foreign publications may be interested in a dump on the outskirts of the Belarusian city. By the way, about the same picture can see the nearby cemetery in almost all Belarusian villages and small towns — especially in the spring, after Radunitsa when people had already cleaned the graves of their own relatives.
Where did the debris after a large vernal cleaning? Naturally, he was carried over the fence of the cemetery — and left there. Dumpsters there (and not only there, and on the streets of most Belarusian villages) no centralized garbage disposal no one does.
Belarus it — a big problem, which no one decides for decades. And it’s not only in the absence of a specific activity of the bureaucrat, but also in the general everyday culture of all civilization.
Our listener Misha Sapozhkov from Baranovichi in his own letter to the "Freedom" discusses the topic, which over the past few weeks, often sounded on our waves in including and reviews of mail.
It’s about the conflict over the transfer of the monument to soldiers of the Russian center of Tallinn to a military cemetery. This transfer is sanctioned by the Estonian authorities, caused widespread protests Russian inhabitants of Estonia and drew a sharp reaction from Russia. Misha Sapozhkov writes:
"Was Reddish Army Estonians Sirmium? Answer is very clear to anyone who has little interest in history. By 1940, Estonia was to be independent state. And the first time it was occupied by Russian, not German troops. What brought them together with the communist regime? Mass arrests, confiscation, deportation to Siberia of the best people in the country.
Naturally, the Estonians have not forgotten it. Because so many feelings around the monument.
Russian army again came to Estonia in four years — in the role of liberator. But whom and from whom she freed? Estonians from the Nazis? But Estonians believe that the Germans freed them from the hated communist regime.
To understand all these twists and turns of history, we need to put ourselves in the place of Estonians and experience everything the hard way. Estonians had no need of prosperity tips on how, by the way, and we are in the same "services" Nazis. Here’s the thing … "
What came out in 1941, did not become Estonians (as, in general, and for all other captured peoples of Eastern Europe) exemption, the emperor boots. Illusions on this score if they were, it is very rapidly dissipated — once with the establishment of occupation orders, creating ghettos and mass arrests, executions and deportations.
For the replacement of the communist dictatorship came the Nazi dictatorship — in almost all cases, even more inhuman and criminal.
But later, in 1944 and 1945, the Russian army not only freed Estonia and the other Baltic countries from fascism — but once deprived of their independence with their bayonets, and cemented brought the communist regime, which lasted more then forty years.
Moscow is outraged that in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are the occupants and German troops, and Russian. But for the Baltic nations, in fact, this is true: they were deprived of independence as a result of the Molotov — Ribbentrop: two massive dictatorship in August 1939 secretly rearranged European card does not care about the interests of other nations.
On the same theme Zherdev Anatoly wrote us from Gomel. In a review of mail May 16 already sounded his letter about the events in Estonia. Zherdev Emperor believes that the Estonian authorities did their actions split in society. My comment, which sounded to the transfer, the listener is not satisfied:
"In your commentary was made that the Estonian authorities have the right do, what they need. Such a comment suggests that the management of "Freedom" has its kvazipartyynaya line that you have to stick with each case.
As for your assertion that Russian weapons based fighter aggressive policy of the USSR, it indicates isolation from the historical and political context. All political systems are constructed so that the fighter should make orders, and so ordered sent to Chechnya, Vietnam, Iraq and so on.
Bolshevik government came to the Baltic countries not on the bayonets of Russian fighters, and the indifference of European politicians and betrayal.
German soldiers were instrumental in Hitler’s fascism, and presently, in a democratic Germany, they protect democracy. And there, and there they were, and there is a very good and courageous fighters. You can only incriminate those mocked civilians. In this sense, carpet bombing of Germany and the atomic bombing of the Country of the Rising Sun is no better than the gas chambers.
German public expresses repentance for the atrocities of Hitler? A society where repentance United States, Britain, Russia?
Austerity measures and detention of hundreds of people, the Estonian authorities rehabilitated all dictatorial power in the world. If this can be in Europe, why not do so, for example, in
Belarus? "
In Tallinn, the police used force against peaceful demonstrators not, sire Zherdev. All television showed the world how brutal crowds of young people on the streets of the Estonian capital showcases thrashed, looted shops and set fire to cars …
With peaceful political protests it has not much in common, and the police in such cases is to use force, wherever it happened — either in Tallinn or in Minsk or in Berlin.
Regarding the issue of repentance … You are mistaken, sire Zherdev: wine British pilot who bombed Germany and wine Gestapo, which sent prisoners to the gas chambers at Majdanek — incommensurable and incomparable.
Repent and must be punished those who started the war, who made an attempt on someone else’s freedom and independence, who planned and carried out the liquidation of civilians or prisoners of war in the gas chambers of death camps in the Gulag, in Katyn …
South American and British soldiers defended their homeland and freedom of the enslaved peoples of the world. They do not wage war with the peaceful population.
Well, on one, and on the other side of the front were fighters who have to do orders. That’s only mission in this soldier was reverse: some foreign land captured and served hateful ideology, others — freed the world from Nazism.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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