Chavez goes to Russia and Belarus tool

"Gazeta Wyborcza" writes that before the flight to Russia, Hugo Chavez, speaking during a huge military parade in the capital of Venezuela, again reiterated that he wants to "fight against imperialism," while the word "war" was used in this speech "in every capacity."
"Before the war Venesuela preparing, buying an unlimited number of guns — 100 thousand Kalashnikovs, the fighters — in Russia, and now plan to buy in Belarus sytsemy missile defense (…). Due to this, Venesuela converted to naisilneyshy militarily country in Latin America although it is smaller and poorer in Brazil or Argentina, "- writes Polish weekly.
The newspaper notes that Chavez has already a couple of years "Denounces and South American komplota blaspheme against him," which themselves U.S. constantly deny.
"Beloved partners by Venezuelan President so called"Axis of good" is authoritarian and aggressive American regimes such as Belarus and Iran, and in soon Our homeland is also Vladimir Putin "- wrote" Wyborcza ".

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