China conducted tests of the new fifth-generation fighter J-31 — Media

China conducted tests of the new fifth-generation fighter J-31 - Media China conducted tests of the new fifth-generation fighter J-31 - Media

The new Chinese fighter fifth-generation J-31 («Jian-31»), which is made the first test flight, reported on Thursday the newspaper «Huanqiu Shibao».
The flight took place on Wednesday in Liaoning Province and lasted 11 minutes. Chinese media emphasize in this regard that China has now become the second after the United States Power, which is developing two models of fighters immediately 5th generation — J-20 and J-31.
According to experts, judging by the pictures on the Web vserasprostranennym, J-31 — Traditional combat fighter medium size with 2 engines. Overall length is 16-17 meters, wingspan — 10 meters. The report channel «Hebei veyshi» reported that the design of J-31 used dvuhkilevoe scheme empennage.
The test version J-31 is Russian engine, but in the upcoming plane engine will develop a Chinese-made WS-13, writes «Huanqiu Shibao» citing English sources.
Like other new Chinese J-20 aircraft, tests which were held in January 2011, J-31 is a «stealth aircraft» made on the basis of «stealth» technology.
It is possible that apart from the use by China, J-31 will be exported.
According to the professionals, J-31 fighters in the future can be applied on Chinese aircraft carriers.
«In the coming 20 years, China can make from 3 to 5 aircraft carriers. By the time the third generation fighter J-15 is already considered obsolete, but the J-31 can be regarded as completely appropriate model «- leads the» Hebei veyshi » words of a military professional Liu Tszytszyunya.
Noteworthy that in the second time China conducts tests new combat aircraft at the time of strained relations with other countries. Tests J-31 took place in the time of the protracted territorial dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

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