Christian music festival in Borisov

This is the first music festival in Belarus sacred music, which organizes more than one religious denomination, and favorites of all Christian churches Borisov, says one of the organizers Eugene Gurinovitch:
"In Borisov favorite for many years churches gather together to pray together and open a discussion prepyadstviya urgent, to influence the situation in the town. I think, because they were going together, prayed, and to develop a unity and a desire to do something total for the town. "
In the program there are three daily programs from the festival: for kids, adults and young people. Role in the event perceive performers from all over the country, in including group "Nebaskhil", "Radunitsa" singer Ales Unukovskaya bards Andrei Melnikov and Ales Kamotskii and many others, says another of the organizers Alexander Kostyuk:
"Participants of the festival is a weave. A guest in each program there is not less than two. Naturally, it all believers. Because prayers will be the word, will be all that is in the churches. "
According Kostiuk, resolution authorities Borisova concerts in the center of the town is not without problems, but managed to get. Celebrations public and will be held under a tent roof.
"This festival is needed to show unity to show a layer of Christian culture and music — says Eugene Gurinovitch. — The uniqueness of the festival is that all religions come together to tell people about the majestic God in whom we believe. "
Christian music festival in Borisov starts now in 17-hours. Concerts will be held from 14 th to 21 hours and for 6 days, and will end the celebration on Sunday, September 21. Tags: Christian, Borisov, festival, music

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