Christina Shatsikava sue prosecutor

His claim Shatsikava Christina tries to cancel the decision investigator Roman Dmitrychenki. According to the decree, he found no grounds for criminal case against policemen who delivered March 23 violence in a psychiatric clinic Shatsikava also Administration clinic, where she was held against his will a day or three.
Christina says Shatsikava:
"This tribunal is happening as we are with my lawyer filed a complaint that the Leninsky district prosecutor’s office refused to institute Mogilev criminal case against psychiatric clinic. We will build, is there any sense in general some of the impending struggle. Maybe there is. I believe in it. "
According to the decree prosecutors, and police and doctors acted according to the laws "On the Police" and "On Psychiatric Care and Guarantees of the rights of people with its delivery."
As noted in the decision, the reason for hospitalization was the forceful "collective complaint." Names of complainants are unknown to this day. Who decided to hospitalize the activist also remains unknown.
The prosecutor’s office found that the clinic activist brought police patrol Badeev, Voltchkov led police captain Kornienko. Them with clinic staff and tries to call to account Shatsikava Christina.

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