Citations a day or — 26 June

"I was most impressed that the Labour Code applies so far, and above all are the decrees. We bow our heads before the authorities here. For us at the moment is more important than the rights of the working man. A working majority in the republic’s own desire to work without such slave contracts. authorities will not wait that they will take such a decision problem of contracts. They have not removed it, but on the contrary — even more aggravated. "

Chairman of the Belarusian trade union of radio industry Fedynich the decision of the CEC to refuse registration active group, which is meant to collect signatures for the abolition of the contract system
"Here they do not need to blame it. Swoop, came here last presidential candidate, and so here’s immediately revived, this does not happen. This must be a big, big job for a long time. Month-months of work and thousands of thousands of people. Miracles do not happen. But some people will not catch calls. Necessary to reduce the fear, you need to give in the future. People are willing to change and fear. "

Alexander Milinkevich Zhodino — about why people are afraid to meet him.

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