Citizens of Belarus addressed to the Father of Rome

The letter states that "in Minsk today is home to about 2-million inhabitants, and operates only four churches." With over 2 years people every day praying in front of the church, which will soon be destroyed. "Says one of the signatories of the letter, the painter Alexei Marochkin:
"I believe it is a moral necessity. Since there is a threat of liquidation of our historical heritage and Bernardine these walls, viz. We know what is happening in Grodno and other towns. Because we beat the bells and express their dismay and concern."
Participants worship street near St. Joseph’s church do not know anything about an appeal to the pope, but approve any initiative to protect the temple, says one of the parishioners Anna Siuchyk:
"Many who do it: there were initiatives by architects and intellectuals. We just can not keep track of everything. I think it’s very good, people connected to this case, it is not indifferent people. After all, for Catholics, this spiritual heritage, and for all Belarusians this cultural heritage. "
Initiators of the appeal collected about 20 signatures recognizable persons in Belarus. In particular, the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Ivashkevich, chairman of the committee of the repressed "Solidarity" Ina Cooley, chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Tatyana Protko and others. Letter sent to the Vatican consulate official in Belarus. One of the initiators of the appeal, the coordinator of the "Charter 97" Dmitry Bondarenko so explains the appeal addressed to the Pope:
"We are trying to solve and then: most of the people who signed the letter, participate in actions to protect civilians church. Well, we still show people that we are Catholics and we appeal to his holiness and ask for prayer support. Indeed, it is our common duty — to rescue the church. "
Fellow Catholic publishing house "Pro Christo" Nicholas Rook reads as follows:
"Appeal to the father — is little appeal to the wrong address. How can the head of the church influence on the Belarusian authorities? I know generally only the case when dad called Franco, who considered himself a Catholic, to reconsider its policy stance. Basically, this form is not excluded reaction, when no more hope left. But it seems weird that they do not apply to the ecclesiastical authorities of Belarus. Neither the bishop Alexander Kashkevich nor Bishop Anthony Demyanko nobody officially addressed. "
As the sovereign said Rook, according to international practice, the monuments of history and culture, including religious structure should protect and preserve the governments. Since this is an asset and the heritage of all people.

St. Joseph’s Church and Bernardine Monastery of the Order was founded in Minsk in the XVII century. They were part of the monastery complex, where she worked in a variety of junior school, school of philosophy, a library and a half thousand volumes. In 1863 Bernardine monks supported the rebellion running Kalinouski. After his oppression on orders Muraveva-hangman they were forcibly evicted in Mogilev, and the monastery is closed.
The church was located some time the Orthodox church, and in 1872 it was rebuilt for the archive. Now here is "Archive Scientific and Technical Documentation", as "Archive of Literature and Art in Belarus." A former convent to nedavneshnego time occupied military commander and prosecutors. Two years back the faithful Catholics started street prayers for the return of church shrines. But this question as before remains unresolved. And not so long ago, it became clear that the authorities decided to build on the site of the monastery complex entertainment center with hotel and underground garages.

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