Classifieds in public transport Zhlobin resound in Belarusian

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Zhlobinsky Fedor Zhytska pleased purchased a CD with Prof. voice. Before city buses sounded partly Russian, partly whiteRussian language, tracks made handicraft:
Zhytska: "Do not very good sounds so there different voices: my voice, the voice of the speaker … "
As for actually the Belarusian language, objections were:
Zhytska: "Announcements Belarusian language like passengers, has great reviews:" Here — as in trains as railway stations. "
Reporter: "And who can quarreled?"
Zhytska: (Laughs) "No, I have not heard such that someone cursed the Belarusian language."
"This is the first example of a joint project byelorussization transport and public infrastructure Belarusian different locations. We zvyazvaemsya through local" frontovskih "activists with the authorities. Typically, this assistant, chairman of the executive committee, council, and offer any assistance," — explained one of the curators of the project Franak Vyachorka.
Burning the disc was made in a studio initiative "Veterans of the Renaissance." His vision of the Belarusian language in public places initiative expresses managing director Valery Mazynsky:
"This is the most mundane, what should be and people should listen to. Necessary that the Belarusian language was in all the towns in all the villages should sound. Remember how first argued 1990s, even on the subway 2-language ads were. Now only in Belarusian, and no one is there is no doubt that the so- must . "

"We zvyazvaemsya through local authorities and activists to offer any assistance"

According Franak Vyachorka, cooperation with authorities Zhlobinsky — just the beginning of:
"This project, this common cause with the authorities indicates that the democratic forces are ready to not only show their position not only through mass actions, and through certain rights, necessary and useful to ordinary people. Also, it shows authorities ready to work for the people. I do not mean national authorities, but those people, who work in local government. People who have one way or another have become part of this system. "
In Belarus, the choice of language in the public transport ad remains the responsibility of local authorities. According Franak Vyachorka, in the nearest future initiatives — public transport scoring ads in Grodno, Lida and Soligorsk.

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