Communal go up after the New Year

Minister of Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Belohvostov assured that the end of the year an increase in utility rates is expected. And with the New Year’s number in utility bills rise. Appreciation of the services foreseen budget.
Certain proposals are considered public utilities presently the Ministry of Economy. New tariffs must be approved before the New Year, and brought them back into operation after January 1. As in previous years, the appreciation will touch first energapaslugav: thermal and electron energy and gas.
With regard to certain figures and proposals of the Ministry of Housing is responsible bureaucrat did not wish to be called not only his name, and give some information:

Service standard two-bedroom apartment will rise by about 43 thousand rubles

"Someone wanted to figure out how to go up! Everyone has long explained throughout the press — in the" Russian Belarus "," Narodnaya Gazeta "domakiravanni. I believe, who need to know — now just zhirovki received if there were questions — should apply to PVCs. GEN must explain to all penny. A Department is not authorized to answer such questions. "
In an interview with "Narodnaya Gazeta", posted November 12, the Minister of Housing sovereign Belohvostov also referred clear figures, but said that, according to the calculations of professionals, service standard two-bedroom apartment will rise by about 43 thousand rubles. But if we take into account the savings in using water meters and thermal energy control system, appreciation may not exceed 30 thousand. According to the minister, the highest fee for a two-room apartment with a view of all kinds of energy and utility bills during the heating season will be less than 160 thousand.
In other words, the growth is not communal over 5 bucks a year, as promised once the head of the country, it is possible to forget. 43 thousand spices predictable growth for a two — it’s about 20 bucks. As for the economy, as recommended by the Minister, for example, the thermal energy due to regulation, the inhabitants of themselves can not do, because in Belarus 95% of housing — with so referred central heating, says former Managing housing and communal services of the capital Ivan Antashkevich:
"We have a central heating system and hot water supply and of old and new homes. Rare exceptions, even when new homes are built with central heating. And since this is so, all inside apartments and houses is dependent on the heating systems. Because regard to regulation, all-encompassing measures necessary for all these regulations. "

This work we have no one else seriously not engaged, not counting silly tests

The West has long been put on the battery indicators and controls on the risers, says Ivan Antashkevich:
"And this work, we have no one else seriously not engaged, not counting silly tests that spent in personal cases. Because neither of which regulation inside the apartment is not yet out of the question. We are almost zero pt".
With regard to water saving, those who till This time no counters will pay after the New Year at cost. At the moment, the water tariff bit more than 320 rubles per cubic meter, and the cost is close to 1 per cubic tysche. Given that water rates could increase by 25%, without the counter will have to pay considerably more.

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