Congress: Supporters Milinkevich create fraction Regions for Freedom

Milinkevich supporters from different regions of Belarus decided to make the Congress faction "Regions for Freedom" to assure their support joint favorite Democratic Forces. Manage faction was elected Viktor Kornienko, Deputy Secretary and Alexei Kavalets Galina Skorokhod.
"Faction" Regions for Freedom "- the people who support the movement" For Freedom "and Milinkevich — says Viktor Kornienko. — We are able to show that we — the combined force."
Participants in the meeting voted unanimously nevyluchenne Milinkevich in the Co-Chairs of the Political Council of the democratic forces, reports the press service Alexander Milinkevich.
"Today the path united democratic forces, it is no way that can assist change the situation in the country, — Alexander Milinkevich allocated. — After separation and splits in the Congress opposition even more deadlocked. The roundtable was organized work is unreal. I go to the Congress to assure everyone that the form that they choose, weak and dysfunctional. We are going to show that we also do not destroyers, but we are critical of the current situation inside Democratic Forces and are willing to change it. "

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