Cover windows: partnership between Belarus and Iran

International Herald Tribune writes that his rapprochement of Belarus and Iran are trying to show that they are able to survive without the United States and Europe. Belarus Iran — another source of energy other — the newspaper quoted the Polish professional Grzegorz mufti of Stefan Batory Foundation. But the Polish expert notes that even if Belarus will really get oil from Iran, it will go through the Russian countryside, so that dependence on Russia to continue.
According to the British Center for Conflict Research, working at the Ministry of Defence, there is evidence that Iran has already received assistance from Belarus professionals and technology for its nuclear applets. Iran blamed the United States that he is committed to making a nuclear weapon, Tehran denies that it has such intentions, but boosts industrial uranium enrichment, which is a major step in the development of nuclear weapons.
International Herald Tribune says the visit to Tehran in January Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev and notes that relationship between Belarus and Iran in the military sphere is very opaque.
Russian newspaper "News Time" quoted Alexander Lukashenko, who during a visit by Iranian guest thanked him for his selection Belarus Jufeyr Iranian oilfield. Agreement on joint exploitation of the deposit will be signed on June 1.
The newspaper also quoted a favorite spiritual, Ayatollah Ali Hamenei that day in the beginning of the Iranian president’s visit to Minsk referred to Iran "command center multinational front against vain United States. "At the same time Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk read a strategic partnership with Iran.
Russian edition of "Vedomosti" reported that the capacity of the field "Jufeyr" to which the Iranians allow Belarusians is 1.5 million tons per year. Meanwhile in Russia Belarus buys annually 20 million tons of oil.
"Vedomosti" quoted Belarusian military professional Alexander Alesina whereby Iran has the largest intrigued by Belarusian air defense elements. By him, it is possible that Iran will receive from the Belarusian part of the reserve retired air defense systems S-125 after their modernization. In Belarus, 64 pieces of such complexes.
Edition of "Gazeta" draws attention Emergency security measures that accompanied the visit to Minsk Iranian leader. Airport "Minsk-2" and the path from it to Minsk was surrounded by police and internal troops, combat helicopters guarded way. The central streets of the capital were closed for several hours. Policemen walking home and ordered residents not to open windows and vents, when Ahmadinejad’s motorcade will go through the town. Since some minchane not obeyed the order — writes "Gazeta" — caused by security services» emnyya country and covered the windows themselves.

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