Crows, and especially Young, are known dish

"Babel" in 1917 under the heading "Ofitsyalny department" writes: "Grodno head says:" In order to be useful to fight with the crows, you need to destroy nests and varonni filter out young voronyatam. Crows, and especially Young, are well-known dish. I call population support the fight with the crows, uzlezayuchy trees and throwing a ladder jacks. Acquired crows so occupants can hold items for your own … "
"Lim", year 1957. BSU student Ryhor Baradulin admits: "Bogdanovich — one of my most beloved poets … I remember summer last year, when I’m with a group of students went to the virgin lands clean up fee. After work we, Belarusians, Russian, Ukrainians, Tatars, Kazakhs, going to under a starry sky Kazakhstan sing beloved songs. And every time our friends are asked to perform "Star of Venus" … Singing this song, we were transferred to all of Belarus, its bar, its space. This Bogdanovich appropriated wings our dreams … Such poetry is immortal. "
May 15 1997 Alexander Lukashenko in violation of the international Olympic Charter was elected president of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus. During the voting, two voted against: Lena and Victor Volchetskaya Kupreichik. Latest from the pages of "Name" as the event commented: "Everything was perfect adrepetavana. Not even as a spectacle, as vaudeville. In Anyway, specifically looks so if outstanding athletes who never feared nothing and experienced a lot of things, just put on your knees. It was sad for the athletes, many of whom I know personally. "

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