Curly tablet: Pros and Cons

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Internet advertising is full of "miraculous" means to almost no effort to get rid of any number of kilograms. But do not rush to book the sacred jars and bottles, warns physician reflexologist, MD , Author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina. Some of the "pills to lose weight" is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

"Switches" appetite

There is a class of drugs that block hunger. In theory, this seems to be a bad thing, but in practice it is still psychotropics central action. They cause euphoria and increased physical activity. In fact, they quickly deplete the neurons of the brain and cause inhibition. As a result, there was nothing like there as well.

A significant disadvantage of this approach — both are decelerated and other processes. Decreased mood, and it can get worse until the depression. Plus a high risk of withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing treatment appetite returns, repeatedly reinforced.

So there is a reasonable alternative to tablets — reflexology. Installing a special needle technology Golden Needle, creating the so-called acupuncture channel — akustrakt — for stimulation of biologically active points, soft, but much more effective at the same centers of the brain. Emerging as the pulses are physiological, not harm, do not cause withdrawal symptoms and virtually no contraindications, which distinguishes reflexology on psychotropic drugs. In addition, the correct stimulation of biologically active points while reducing hunger strengthens the processes of lipolysis (fat destruction and excretion), normalizes blood pressure, as well as the work of all organs and systems.

Whip to the body

Another group of drugs that are actively promoted to eliminate excess weight — stimulants. They activate the metabolism by increasing production of releasing factors, regulators of pituitary hormones that make the work more actively target organs such as the thyroid gland. Create a temporary state of hyperthyroidism, when the body begins to hard to "burn" stocks.

On the one hand, yes, short-term stress really gets mobilized, dropping some "ballast". But especially in the furnace will glycogen in the liver, and then proteins (mainly blood) and then, after a long period of time — fats. But by this time will accumulate negative side effects, the body can not work for long in an emergency mode, should malfunction in the weakest areas most likely to suffer heart and blood vessels.

However, stimulants have a softer alternative — the so-called herbal adaptogens. They do not beat around the body, but indirectly and gently stimulate all metabolic processes. The effect they give is not as bright, but much more durable and definitely more secure. Among the most well-established adaptogens can advise Siberian ginseng, coffee, lemongrass.


With biologically active additives to food, things are much worse. The bulk of the dangers lurking just one of them. Repeatedly in batches of the same Chinese "pohudatelnyh" BAA found sibutramine or the most current methamphetamines. And when it's sold over the Internet without documents or with mass violations of the law — just right only his head was missing.

Although it is among the "respectable" BAD misunderstandings occur. For example, promoted and advertised bromelain extracted from pineapple. Yes, indeed, he is actively breaks down fats. However, only in vitro. In vivo nobody ever this effect was not observed. And if you just think logically: after all fats are included in the composition of cell membranes, which means that the very first piece of pineapple was supposed to do from the gut sieve. But bromelain at least harmless.

Or the other option, dietary supplements that bind fat in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract and the mass removal from the body, causing a powerful constant diarrhea. Not only is it uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, so also against the physiology fats we need necessarily, every day, it is a necessary component of the diet, the only question in their number.

Dietary supplements for weight loss can only be used as part of an integrated approach. For example, when you activate the process of lipolysis in the process of forming a plurality of reflexology "fragments," which, let's say, would be unprofitable. To display them, for example, you can use the detox teas "Origiteya." A useful addition to the diet will bran. Supplementation with flavonoids interact with estrogen receptors, "calm" organism, saying that fat for the synthesis of sex hormones is enough, no need to store it, you can even get rid of some of it. Herbal diuretics withdraw the excess water, which will reduce the swelling and ease the work of the heart.

In any case, you need a sensible approach, if possible — under the supervision of a competent professional who knows all the "pitfalls" rigorous process of losing weight.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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