Cyberwar between U.S. and China do not cease

Cyberwar between U.S. and China do not cease
In the meantime, the parties agreed to halt global warming

After the meeting in California, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping called for strengthening cooperation between countries with 2. Agreement on greenhouse gases and nuclear programmke DPRK. But neither side has made concessions on areas of impact in Asia and supplying weapons to Taiwan. According to experts, geopolitical contradictions persist, Washington and Beijing will have to make an effort to prevent the deterioration of relations.

Obama and Xi Jinping pledged to make the latest model of the relationship between with 2 powers. During the two-day summit, held at the manor «Sannilends» in California, they bring closer the positions on the nuclear issue of North Korea programmke. As reported by Xinhua, the U.S. and China is the common goal.

China supports the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. And he is willing to cooperate with the U.S. in this area.

But this does not mean that Washington and Beijing agreed to act in unison. Town councilor Yang Jiechi told reporters in Beijing held principle that the issue can be resolved by dialogue and consultation. As you know, Washington wants to force North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons with the help of economic and political pressure.

Easier to come to an understanding on the dilemma turned greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Obama and Xi agreed to make joint efforts to counteract climate warming. Directly, writes Washington Post, they agreed to reduce the creation and consumption of the kind of chemical substances that are used in refrigerators and air-conditioner air. The first time the United States and China have decided to work together in order to assure other countries, Brazil and India, first, to reduce or end the use of these products. As a result, by 2050 it was possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 90 gigatons.

Xi Jinping during a joint briefing for reporters said that both powers should also strengthen cooperation between the military. In today’s visit, the U.S. Defense Minister. More detailed comments on the subject was not given. In this regard, it is worth recalling that the Pentagon had not once offered to strengthen exchanges in the military and blamed the Chinese that they hide information about their own army, and in particular nuclear missile forces. Statement of China, apparently, can be regarded as a step towards negotiating partner.

In an interview with «NG» Senior Fellow, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Alexander Larin said, «as demonstrated by the meeting, neither China nor the U.S. does not want to bring the matter before the conflict. At the same time compromise on basic, important matters of principle, first about the areas of their influence in Asia, neither side has gone. China requests relating to control over the territories in the East China and South China Seas. Here is China’s position remains the same, although he had read about the effort to resolve differences by peaceful means.

United States, in turn, gave the Chinese promise to finish delivery tools to Taiwan. This problem is very sensitive for Washington. They understand that if concede, it would undermine America’s credibility in the midst of its partners. Made its system of alliances in Asia will fall.

Chinese press writes that the summit set the tone for relations 2-states for 10 years ahead. If so, then the favorites from China and the U.S. will require very harsh efforts to keep in touch in a state of equilibrium. At the time, the U.S. gave China Shimerica plan, suggesting that the two powers should establish a kind Duumvirate world. China rejected the plan. Meeting in California indicates that Chimerica remains speculative thought, its implementation is unlikely to be available, «the expert concluded.

According to New York Times, on the final day of negotiations in the debate was dominated by the theme of cyber-espionage. America previously accused Chinese companies, including those associated with the army that they were stealing military and economic secrets in the United States. Obama warned that if hacking will last, it will have a negative impact on economic ties. Xi Jinping pleaded not guilty of the Chinese side. Obama urged to make the system of protection against hacking.

But, as the Guardian newspaper said a source in the U.S. intelligence services, complaints krivodushny Yankees. After all, the U.S. itself participated in hacking operations to mine of information. Moreover. Not managed to finish the Sino-American summit, as it became clear that Obama in January today issued a secret directive to 20, in which bureaucrats prescribed by the State Security Service to make a list of projects abroad for cyber attacks in the USA. This directive is essentially a doctrine of cyberwar and brutal militarization Web. Result of the war, according to the doctrine, may be loss of human lives and retaliatory attacks by the United States. Huge scale cyber operations may simply grow into full-scale military conflict, South American scientists have warned.

Vladimir Skosyrev

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