Democratic trade unions call on the government to fulfill all tips

The Council stated in Belarus long since have become the norm and vvyshli into the practice of systematic government violation unions.
For these violations of the country "long and hard vvyyshla among world leaders and gathered a full bouquet of punishment by the different international structures.
The last of them, and the most opposite — deprivation of Belarus trade preferences with EU countries. It went through the fault Belarusian government, who never listened to the multiple demands of the international community to respect the rights of workers and their organizations. "
As thesmiling in a statement at the moment Belarusian government can use the deprivation of preferences for vinavachannyav and declare unions are independent internal enemies of the people, the outer — International business Labour and the European Union. The Council of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions warns of power from such a step.
"Its effects are most dramatic and can make Belarus full political and economic impasse from which to the government, there can be a civilized way," — said in a statement.
The Council of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions urges control of the country most severely react to the EU decision and immediately take the fulfillment of all and in full Council of the International Labour Organization.
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus hopes for a quick lifting of sanctions ", 21.06.2007

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